There’s a lot of buzz in the dental industry right now about Groupon. Today, SofTouch Dental is their “Featured Deal.”

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I’ll report on some generalities here on my Blog, however, ClearPath Members will get the unabridged, full-blown inside scoop.

Last week, I spent about 3.5 hours on training the team on what to expect, how to handle calls, new patients that are coming in, how to manage expectations (critical when you might expect a massive influx of 100 to 600 new patients in a short period of time, right?), and more. And this morning, early, we met again for a quick review. The whole staff is pretty stoked!

Plus, we developed a simple questionnaire to survey Groupon buyers that come in on this special offer. If you’d like to see what we did for that, just contact me and I’ll send you a PDF file.

I also had the team watch a great video supplied to me by Willie, my Groupon Rep. It’s here. I’d recommend watching this with your team if you are considering Groupon for your office. It’s a video by Dr. Bill Dorfman. His office ended up with several hundred Buyers/New Patients.

More to come! Stay tuned!