Yesterday our “feature” hit with Groupon.

Was it a ‘hit?’

Let me give you some stats:

A while ago, in Portland (The Portland Groupon list is literally 10x the size of Salem, Oregon’s Groupon list), a dentist ran a Groupon for an exam, x-rays – a basic new patient exam. Just under 700 people bought.

Doing the math, we needed the equivalent of 77 folks to buy our feature yesterday to match the Portland dentist’s results. We ended up with 103. An almost 30% increase over where I wanted to end the day.

I know why we did better %-wise. We offered a cleaning and whitening to boot. Our price point was higher – by $10 or $20 I believe. As well it should have been. (You can see the exact offer and page on a post from yesterday – a link is on that post.)

So, am I pleased with the results? Definitely. Today, we saw three of the Groupon patients. The doc did over $600 in dentistry, just today. Another $450 or so scheduled for Thursday. Fillings. Lots of them. Good news is, we have 99 patients to go.

My initial impression with Groupon? If you get the chance to do it, you’re crazy not to.

And, if you are in an area the size of Salem or smaller, I can also point you to the right guy at Groupon to get your practice featured fast. Just shoot me an email or call my office.

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