Having a tough day?

Are you asking yourself, “Why me?”

Does it seem as though every day opens up a new can of smelly worms, reminiscent of the last time you used an outdoor port-a-potty?

I’ve got some tough, fatherly advice: GRIND IT OUT.

It’s not glamorous, but we’ve all got our messes to deal with, clean up and toss out.

If someone appears to you to have their life in perfect order, devoid of any troubles, you only need ask a few poor souls you know, what their biggest problem is and you’ll find yours probably pale in comparison.

So, stop whining. Stop complaining. Stop acting like the children you’re raising.


Move on. Keep your dreams in sight. Keep moving towards them.

Don’t let the “crap” we’re all dealing with, sideline your progress.

Just like the little books says, “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff. And, it’s ALL Small Stuff.”