Good Pedestrian Sign

It’s rare I make it to downtown Salem. By choice for sure. Parking stinks. And, if you’re too long in your 30 minute or 2 hour slot, the parking police bust you down for $15. I’ve had my share of long meetings only to come out to a ticket. I solved the problem a few years ago with a vow to never go downtown unless unavoidable.

Today was one of those days.

I was rewarded by seeing a good sign for a dental office, a boutique-type practice, downtown, right on the sidewalk.

At first blush, the ONLY thing I would have added: An offer. “Mention this sign for a $99 introductory exam.” Or, since he’s pushing sedation, I’d have used, “FREE Sedation Dentistry Consultation. Are YOU a Candidate for No-Memory/Pain Dentistry?” Or something of the sort.

I like

how he’s advertising financing. That’s an attractive offer, especially with an educated potential clientele.

What do you think?