I recently sent this email out to my Members of the ClearPath Society here at Jerry Jones Direct. See if you might find value… No wait, I challenge you to not find value 🙂

Imagine this headline in the Health section of your local newspaper,

“Got ED? Could Your Dentist Help?”

More on that headline above when you finish this email and read the attached article. But first…

If you have a social media presence or email list or both, what I am about to share with you is great 3rd party, unaffiliated endorsement of what we do to help our patients/Guests in our dental offices. But it’s far more. You’ll see what I mean here in a minute.

If you do not have an email list or a social media presence, this is a great demonstration of where having those can pay off…BIG TIME. And quickly.

(Contact me or your MA separately if you want to enhance either your social media presence or your email lists for your practice and you should want to – you’ll see why in a minute.)

And, one last comment about “owned media:” Whether you have digital media you can leverage or not (twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.), you have a mailing list of your patients, so you do in fact have a way to contact them, it’s more cumbersome, yes, but frankly, it’s also possibly more effective for what I am about to share.

(By the way, this is important enough that I set aside time from completing the May Practice Profit Insider™ so I could hammer this out to you…)

Alright, pay close attention:

In the June 2017 issue of one of my favorite magazines, Men’s Journal, you’ll find an article titled, “Oral Hygiene.”

This article is PURE GOLD I tell you!

Here are some ideas to generate a potential ton of free publicity which = more patient gettin’ and keepin’:

  1. Send out a press release commenting on the article. Reference it. Offer free perio screenings as a public health service to your community.
  2. Send an email to your patient base linking to the story. At the moment, I could not find a link. But, a second approach, take the PDF of the attached and email your patient base with your comments about it. Always be sure to credit Men’s Journal and cite the year and month, along with the page number of 39, with credit to the author, Joseph Hooper.
  3. Send out a tweet or Instagram note with the same info. Once the article is available online, it becomes really easy. Again, add your own unique twist and offer a free perio screening.
  4. Send out a letter with your comments about the article, along with a copy of the article to your patients/Guests. Let ‘em know you’re looking out for them. And, if you have stories about your own patients/Guests you can share, all the better. It adds credibility to the note from you and the article.
  5. If you are sending a monthly newsletter, and you should be, you can pull pieces from the article that you like that make salient points (with proper credit to the magazine, etc.) and link yourself to some celebrity by agreeing with the article (or, if you disagree, say so and why). If you are not sending a monthly newsletter, we can do all the heavy lifting for you here at JJD.

There is so much more you can do than just these big five. The idea is to leverage the gifts the media gives us! So often, we let these opportunities pass us by, and well, if you want to get more and keep more of your Guests, doing something with gifts like this is what’s required!

Hope you enjoyed this little training and take it and run with it. BTW, I can already tell you who will from history. And, who will, within 24 hours, be featured on local media, or, have a great shot at it because they take advantage of opportunities just like this.

One last thing…if perio is your game, be sure to check out our Periodontal Disease Management Program in the CustomerHub, and, the Periodontal Disease direct mail piece that is available to you as well. That direct mail piece alone has a $20,000+ value, all day long, if you were to have me recreate it or create something similar from scratch.



The article I reference above, when you read it, will reveal why I used the reference to ED (erectile dysfunction) in the headline…