– The United Nations lowered its estimate of the number of hungry people worldwide by nearly 10 percent…a drop of 98 million! This is due to stronger economic growth and lower food prices.

– The US Budget deficit narrows 13% on rising tax receipts!

– Some experts proclaim college is a bad investment when you crunch the numbers. Instead, look for alternative ways to get an education: pursue a dream, travel, do something creative or…start a business [Editor’s personal favorite due to the enormous impacts on the local community.]

– 9-year-old Hero saves drowning 2-year old brother with CPR in Joliet, Illinois! Now that’s someone that deserves media attention!

– Amalaki, a simple fruit from Indonesia, has shown to be effective in studies at the NIH (National Institute of Health) by reducing oxidation, reducing free radicals, anti-aging, diabetic cataracts, and more. The unique phytochemical signature of Amalaki, is what gives this SUPER FRUIT it’s super powers.

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