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Jerry Jones Direct (JJD) has served literally thousands of dentists over the last 2+ decades – helping them attract new patients and keep their existing patients while simultaneously getting a first-class business education and access to proven marketing, business and select practice management systems created by our Founder & CEO, Mr. Jerry Jones, for his own dental office, Wellness Springs Dental® of Salem.

Dentistry IS Different

Known for his results-based marketing to attract and retain patients and blunt, straightforward business advice, early on, Jerry realized that dentistry was in fact, different from any other business category. That nearly instant realization lead him down a path few will ever experience…

He Put His Own Money On The Line

So in 2003, when Jerry opened his own dental office to serve as a research and development lab (Wellness Springs Dental® of Salem), he put his theories into action and began to prove, using his own resources, what works and what doesn’t to not only attract and retain patients, but literally, what’s required to run a successful dental practice from a business perspective.

What’s Different & Unique About The JJD Approach

In 2009, Jerry Jones Direct rolled out a brand-new Customer experience platform and way of doing business (in a moment you’ll learn we refer to our Customers as Members).

This began a journey where Mr. Jones set out to change the way both marketing and operations of dental practices are perceived by dentists and patients alike. And, how dentists can obtain access to the latest best practices in running their business.

JJD’s approach offers Dentist-Members flexibility in what they use to market their practice, how and when, plus, access to literally dozens of proven Systems and Tools (all developed by Jerry) dentists need to grow their practice, without the constant, “Oh, if you want us to do that, you’ll need to pay this or upgrade to that…”

JJD offers three levels of participation for dentists who have a strong desire to grow and run their practice like a business.

The Three Levels of JJD

Level I is available to any dentist or support person in Dentistry.

Level I: Dentistry Confidential® – JJD’s monthly business of dentistry audio program, delivered on CD and online streaming.[clear-line]


Level II is by application and is required for any dentist wishing to engage Jerry Jones Direct to conduct personalized coaching or marketing to attract new or retain existing patients.

Level II: ClearPath Society® – JJD’s Membership-based patient attraction and retention programs are available exclusively through Membership in JJD’s ClearPath Society®.[clear-line]


Level III
is by invitation only and consists of pre-scheduled 1:1 coaching with Mr. Jones, a select practice management expert on-site, regularly, at your office, access to Levels I and II resources (mentioned above), and much more.

Level III: Participation offered in conjunction with Jerry Jones Direct Consulting and is by invitation only. To be considered, you must first apply for ClearPath Society® Membership, Level II, above and then submit to an interview process with Mr. Jones, and JJD’s senior practice management consultant.[clear-line]


Next Steps?

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 Once received and reviewed, a Member Ambassador will reach out to schedule a time to discuss your goals, vision and unique practice situation to determine if we may be of help.

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