Business is tough. It can be a grind, man.

Layer the clinical practice of dentistry on top…and you’ve got a double-whammy of a tough day.

Thing is, me and the business side of dentistry are real close. Like you, I’ve got a dental “practice.” (I call it an “office”)

Fortunately (very), I don’t have the clinical side to worry about.

But, just like you, I’ve got families I’m responsible to at my own dental office and here at Jerry Jones Direct, my two+ decade old patient attraction and retention marketing firm.

All-in, well over 30 families to worry, stress and sometimes, like you, lose sleep over.

Oddly enough, I consider it a privilege. An honor. (But it’s not for everyone, for sure.)

And, were it not for having honed my business chops over the last two decades, I wouldn’t live nearly the charmed life I’m fortunate to enjoy.

For example, this summer (and many previous), I’ve played more than worked, which is how summer should be!

In fact, I just returned from a week on Orcas Island with my family and I’m headed out again in a few more days for a week over on the Oregon Coast.

(Above, shot of me on the ‘yak, mooring buoy in the background, in Eastsound, WA, with a BOB setting sun (big orange ball), plying the waters of the Orcas. Photo courtesy of my wife, Tracy.)

Look, if you’re not getting the time out of the office you’d like, the days off…

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your children

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(or the consultant merry go-round)

then your business might need some help.

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