I’m not a big watcher of youtube or TV. In fact, I stay away from both. There are but few shows that capture my attention and they generally have lessons for living a sound personal and business life because I seek that kind of information. And, if I get entertainment from it, great. For the most part, I’d rather interact in person or read.

On occasion, I am made aware of a video or show that resonates. I’ll be candid: “Resonates” means I find the content to be in alignment with how I see the world — my context. I’m not saying mine is always right. In fact on occasion it’s not and when it’s not, I evaluate and fix. Tongue in cheek, just ask my wife.

So, the video I am sharing below might not resonate with you. However, I am willing to bet it will. Because if you’re reading this I know you’re not a normal “herd-produced” bobble head Doc. Nor are you a follower of or proponent of the status quo or often, what might be considered trendy or an “everyone’s doing it” mindset.

I believe this video where Dr. Jordan B Peterson, former Harvard professor, is interviewed by some students, will have you nodding your head while helping you understand some of the feelings and/or ideology you have about your life and what you see and how you interpret what you see. Your context. It might also nudge you a bit, perhaps make you uncomfortable. That, dear friend, ain’t a bad thing.

Useful in business? You bet. There are so many important points he makes that it’s worth watching twice. You’ll miss many the first time through. I did. As I was considering one comment, he’d be off to the next. It was a cornucopia of excellent advice for a self-diagnosed ADHD guy like me who desires to be a better version of myself everyday.

Check it out. Give me your feedback. Follow Peterson on Twitter: . Follow me/JJD on Twitter here: @jjdirect