Focus on the mundane and ordinary in business to create an extraordinary business. Let me explain with an example…

In most businesses – for our purposes here, dental practices – getting a business owner to talk about something as unexciting and un-sexy as their voicemail recording or how their phones are answered, would be like, well, pulling teeth.

I mean, I get it. How exciting can talking about these two subjects be?

Thing is, there are actually several I know that make a very good living providing coaching, advice and feedback on mundane, ordinary and boring things like how phones are answered and how callers are handled…and, what a voicemail message should say to a caller on an in-bound call. These are important subjects for the smart entrepreneur. For the lazy one, they are not.

For my most successful clients, they realize the impact a poor voicemail recording/ positioning/instruction device can make on their bottom line. In fact, it can make all the difference in the world as to how clients/patients and outsiders view how working with your company would or could be.

Take Dr. John Bellerjeau of Azalea City Dental, in Mobile, Alabama, one of my private clients.

John and his partners, Shaun Kern and Scott MacRae, smartly choose to work through what most would consider to be insignficant or unworthy-of-the-dentist’s-time, when just the opposite is the case.

Their efforts and the results they get speak for themselves. These gents have a great business operating in several locations and really represent what I feel is an extraordinary business.

They invest time and thought in what most ignore. It’s why their business is one of the most successful in Mobile. They care and it’s evident by their actions and how patients are treated.

Dear Reader, I’ve got two recommendations for you:

1) Call in to your office after hours. Does the hair on the back of your neck stand up? Can you imagine your wife or your mother actually wanting to call your office back? If you can’t, go to #2.

2) If you have never measured the effectiveness of your office’s inbound voicemail greeting, or, you’ve never had your office mystery shopped and critiqued so you can increase your income and new patients, then call my friend Chris Mullins NOW. (603) 924-1640. Chris is the pro I send all my clients to, when fixing their phone is a must. Tell her Jerry Jones sent you.

Ignore the mundane at your own risk. If you do, I’ll guarantee your business will never be extraordinary.