Do the Big Cartel Dentistry organizations bug you? Are they under your skin? Do they keep you awake at night?

Does watching Danica Patrick’s latest ad for Aspen piss you off? Does it alarm you in the slightest that a big name star (and rather good looking I might add, with a tinge of attitude) can have such incredible power to boost a brand like Aspen when maybe they don’t deserve it?

I get it…

I know…it isn’t just that the reputation and patient feedback isn’t that great with dental practices associated or affiliated with larger, Big Cartel Dentistry organizations…

(Some are downright sad! Check out my local Aspen’s reviews. 3.2 stars out of 5 on Google, and 2 of 5 on Yelp!)


…It’s that the docs are reported to often not have the freedom to make their own decisions based on their own education and knowledge.

It’s also that the relationship with doctor:patient and patient:staff is not what you and I are used to in a more intimate family-based type practice environment. One that’s Guest-Centric vs. Profit-Centric.

It’s a different model…Big Cartel Dentistry.

And, it’s working for ‘em – groups like Aspen.  It’s working for many, many others. Like Pacific Dental. Heartland. And more.

In under 10 years, fewer than 50% of dentists will work in a solo practice environment. That means the other 50%+ will be in a group practice…and many of those will be affiliated and ordered around by Big Cartel Dentistry.

Can you imagine having some distant dentist wanna-be creating “treatment policy” for your patients?!

It’s a virtual nightmare…

But, what would if you could level the playing field?

What if you could fight back and not be alone?

Imagine how you’d feel with an organization that not only could help you create a level playing field, but maybe even give it to these Big Box Stores where it hurts most?

And, ultimately achieve the financial, freedom and legacy goals you’d set out to?

There is a way out. There is a way to BEAT Big Cartel Dentistry at their own game.

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