This 3rd release of The State of Dentistry has been amazing! All 500 of the original printing of the 3rd edition have been claimed. If you still haven’t requested yours, just visit here:

I’ve had a ton of feedback — a surprising number of dentists who agree and still, others of course, who can’t see it. They are absolutely certain “things will turn around” and Big Dentistry (Corporate, chain, etc.) will soon run for the hills.

Folks, that’s just not going to happen.

Here’s a comment from a fella on the retail dental supply side:

I’ve been very concerned with the direction that private practice dentistry is going.  I talk with several dentist each week who have had very successful practices & they all tell me that their practices are “down” a lot.  It isn’t unusual to call a dentist who can immediately come to the phone & will say he isn’t busy & has plenty of time to talk. I am very concerned with what I am seeing & this has been going on for several years. I hear every week from practicing dentist, “I’m going to have to get out”, I just can’t afford to! I’m looking forward to getting & reading your book.

And another:

Jerry, you’re spot on. I can tell you’ve been working hard and studying what’s happening in dentistry. I’ll be at your upcoming Discovery Day for your franchise. I need a “partner” I can rely on in practice. Someone like you said that can help free up my life. I’m 15 years in practice but some days it feels like 50. Thanks for all your do for dentistry.

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