If you want a great lesson in friendly and ultra-fast (as in LIGHTENING) service, check out my friends at uline.com.

For a few years now, I’ve been occasionally ordering things from them for Jerry Jones Direct, and every time I order, they stun me with their efficiency, friendliness and speed.

The other thing I like is they send me catalogs … all the time. And, I like to be able to browse through those and hold onto paper vs. always ordering online.

In fact, it’s faster to call them and order than it could possibly be online.

Today, I placed a $230 order in under 30 seconds. No kidding.

I called, their system recognized my phone number, and I said to Taylor, “Hi Taylor, this is Jerry Jones with Jerry Jones Direct. I’d like to repeat the last order I made, please.”

“Sure Mr. Jones. We’ll ship that to 4742… And, do you want to put that on a card or have us bill you?”

“Please bill me.”

“OK, great, it’s on the way. Have a great day.”

That’s it! In under a minute, the invoice was in my email inbox and my order experience was done.

If you want to WOW your patients, customers, etc., try speed and accuracy of service for a change, vs. making everything so damn difficult!