A couple of my very close friends have practices in this situation right now. Patient flow is strong, team members in place are great, and the future is so bright, they’re wearin’ shades. Meanwhile, other offices are struggling.

So why be concerned?

“Nothing is ever as good as it first seems nor,
is it as bad as it first seems.” –Dan Kennedy

That saying sums it up. When things are going really well, that’s the time to “bulk up” if you will, for a long, nasty stretch of hard times. It’s like the proverbial J. Squirrel (sorry Sean, couldn’t resist!) getting ready for winter! Stock piling nuts. (Begs for me to tell the joke: It was sooo cold here in Salem last winter, even the squirrels’ nuts were frozen!)

I say that kind of tongue-in-cheek, but seriously, when things are going well is the time to really solidify what’s yours.

Here’s what I mean:

When patient flow is strong and there’s money in the bank is exactly the time when you should be looking for top-flight staff if you have some mediocre. It’s the time to be thanking, and doing so every opportunity you get (monthly, no less), those patients who are paying their bills and helping your success.

It’s the time to get as much as you can out of all you’ve got. Most folks tend to get lazy, fat and tire quickly.

Smart business people realize it may or MAY NOT last and do everything they can to stockpile their successes for later on. That means: investing in yourself, your staff, your building and so on.

Now is when you can get the associate dentist hired. (Especially now. There are some fantastic dentists looking for practice opportunities right now!) Now is when you can afford to send out 5,000 postcards every month to create such a demand for your services, that you’re almost too busy.

If you wait until the “need” arises, it’ll be difficult at best to get back on top. (See my earlier article mentioning “momentum.”)

Always, always try to anticipate your “next move.” Always be asking yourself, “What’s next?”

This powerful mindset and preparedness will go a long way to help ensure success irregardless of other factors around you.

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