Later this week marks the start of an all-day Mastermind and Roundtable meeting with several ClearPath Society members. I’ve been preparing for the last 2 weeks, and it’s something that has been on my mind non-stop.


I’ve noted when I’m all alone, I don’t mind failure near as much as when I’ve told others about what I want to do and then attempt and fail, and by failing, I mean I never get to it. I procrastinate. It makes it to my To Do List, but never ends up completed. Whatever ‘it’ might be.

There’s a running joke with my good friend and former employee James Erickson about “procrastination.”

We decided one day we’d do a whole entire course on the effects of procrastination. Problem is, we never go around to actually DO-ING the course, so, well, there you go. The running joke.

Get it?

Here’s what’s strange about my own circumstances: My income is in direct correlation with the power of a mastermind group I’m involved with. If I am involved, my income for that year is far higher. I’m more daring. More focused. And, I’m more productive because I can’t afford to let down my fellow members in the group.

I’ll bet this is the effect a mastermind has on you, too.


Here’s another important component as to “why” it works: If one of us tells the other we’re going to get something done, and we don’t finish it (we supply proof), the guy making the promise owes the other guy $20 by paypal.

I’ve also found out that I need to go back and start re-studying and re-upping some skills that have waned over the years because they haven’t been exercised nearly enough.

The point? If you’re NOT engaged in a mastermind group of some kind, get into one, NOW. It’s costing you a fortune in lost opportunity and productivity if nothing else. You’ll be mediocre at best without being in one.

If you’re a dentist and looking for one, shoot me an email. I just might have your solution!