Later this week marks the start of an all-day Mastermind and Roundtable meeting with several ClearPath Society members. I’ve been preparing for the last 2 weeks, and it’s something that has been on my mind non-stop.

About 3 or 4 years have gone by without my own personal participation or even “facilitation” of a mastermind group. I can tell; I’m very rusty.

Up until January of this year, I hadn’t even met regularly with anyone to keep me not just on-target, and accountable, but competitive with myself, too. It’s been since 2007 or 2008 since I was personally involved in a group.

I’ve noted when I’m all alone, I don’t mind failure near as much as when I’ve told others about what I want to do and then attempt and fail, and by failing, I mean I never get to it. I procrastinate. It makes it to my To Do List, but never ends up completed. Whatever ‘it’ might be.

There’s a running joke with my good friend and former employee James Erickson about “procrastination.”

We decided one day we’d do a whole entire course on the effects of procrastination. Problem is, we never go around to actually DO-ING the course, so, well, there you go. The running joke.

Get it?

Here’s what’s strange about my own circumstances: My income is in direct correlation with the power of a mastermind group I’m involved with. If I am involved, my income for that year is far higher. I’m more daring. More focused. And, I’m more productive because I can’t afford to let down my fellow members in the group.

I’ll bet this is the effect a mastermind has on you, too.

Back to January of this year: It all started with James and I meeting every Friday at this derelict pizza joint that we picked in downtown Salem, all because there were lots of tables, the pizza was excellent and they serve beer. A deadly combination for two guys like James and I.

The very first meeting, both of us decided it would be a productive, regular, standing meeting that the only way we would get out of it is if one of us were sick or traveling.

So far, two months into this year, we’ve met every Friday except two.

Here’s another important component as to “why” it’s working: If one of us tells the other we’re going to get something done, and we don’t finish it (we supply proof), the guy making the promise owes the other guy $20 by paypal. (I’m thinking though, we need to increase it – James has paid me once and I’ve paid him once! Ah, procrastination rears its ugly face.)

Recently, we added two other fellas to the mix. One is a very, very strong copywriter and the other, a former wedding planner, now getting back into the business. What’s interesting, is there is a ton of commonality we all bring to the table, yet a complete set of diverse opinions and skills.

I’ve also found out that I need to go back and start re-studying and re-upping some skills that have waned over the years because they haven’t been exercised nearly enough.

The point? If you’re NOT engaged in a mastermind group of some kind, get into one, NOW. It’s costing you a fortune in lost opportunity and productivity if nothing else. You’ll be mediocre at best without being in one.

If you’re a dentist and looking for one, shoot me an email. I just might have your solution!