At SofTouch Dental, every day, a large number of emails go out.

Some to confirm appointments.

Some to welcome new patients.

Some to ask for feedback about appointments.

Some to wish patients Happy Birthday.

And, I am sure there are other reasons, but those are a few.

Last night, as I was trying to fall asleep (it’s the hardest thing I
do every day; shut my mind down enough to catch some Zzzzzs)
I thought to myself — hey, since Google LOVES to have reviews
posted about local businesses and it’s one of the things
it feeds off of to increase your organic rankings on the search
engine mammoth, why not get that opportunity in more hands.

Why NOT help our patients find the Google Review page?

I mean, heck, what’s wrong with pointing them in the right

So, I tapped into our Demandforce account and started adding
a link in every email it sends to our patients, to the Google review

This isn’t the ONLY thing you can do to increase your rankings,
but it’s an EASY, no-brainer. And, cost me zippo. Zero. Nada.

So…to take advantage of this little tip:

#1 You must have a website (if you don’t have a patient-snaggin’
website like mine,, then please,
email me and I’ll connect you with my web voodoo dude, Matt).

#2 You’ve gotta be using one of the automated solutions to contact
your patients (or, you’re maybe doing it old school and just sending
one email at a time — whatever, THAT’S OK…you’re doing SOMETHING!)

#3 You simply add some shortened URL to get your patients to visit
it and post feedback or a testimonial so it shows on Google. I use a
website like which gives me short website links instead of
those really long links like this:

Those darn things are just annoying. Have you ever tried to type
those in? Ugh.

#4 DON’T DO THIS if you don’t need new patients.

The website that Matt cranked up for us (the link is above to the
interwebs location) has taken SofTouch from #72 in organic to #1.

(We routinely schedule 4 or 5 new patients every week from our website
thanks to Matt and his voodoo interwebs stuff.)

And, I didn’t have to sell a kidney to get it done, either.

Go forth and multiply those patients!

P.S. I wanted to welcome Dr. Neil Gerrard from the UK as our latest
ClearPath Member! Welcome, Doc!

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