I just noted in my mailbox in the past two weeks (not including today), I’ve had at least two dozen mail pieces.

I can’t help but think there are others out there with even MORE than that.

It begs the question: Does election season affect your direct response rates for postcards and other DR pieces you’ve got out there circulating?

I’d imagine it does. How can it not?

Thought for NEXT election season or…something fun to do with your own office newsletter: Poll your patients. Create an “election night” event at your office…

You can also use this as an excuse to “get the vote out” on dental care… There’s a cleverly disguised piece of mail just waiting to be created, printed and sent out.

I’ll calendar this for August of 2012…when our current President will likely be running for re-election.

Reminds me of an old country music song…Aaron Tippin sang it: “You’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.”


*** Congrats to ClearPath Member and Private BIOCOM Marketing Client, Dr. Andy Koultourides, on his stepping up to serve his local community as a city councilor. Great job, Doc! YOU Stand for Something…