If you treat pts for SA (sleep apnea), or, you’re interested in doing so, I’ve attached an article I just wrote which you can use, without royalty or license from me, to educate and inform your patients about the dangers of SA – not just to their health but their wallet and future financial planning, too.

This came about recently as I was informed when applying for an add’l life insurance policy, that if I have SA, I may NOT be eligible for insurance. And, the rep was very helpful in letting me know that life insurance cos. are “cracking down” on applicants who’ve been diagnosed for SA.

So…about this article: It can be posted on your blog, sent in an email, or, even placed in your patient newsletter.

It’s your call. Use it however you wish.

(If you’re not mailing a pt newsletter every month, reach out to us here at JJD and we can help!)

Here’s a link to the article: Sleep Apnea