I’ve worked with Jerry Jones for, I’m guessing no less than the past 10 years, perhaps more.

For me, I was a young guy coming out of dental school, partnered with a senior dentist with 0 patients, working after my first 6 months on commission. I was making significantly less money than the guy who chose to get a job…plus I was spending my own money trying to figure out how to make a practice work – mostly at that time how to get new patients and keep them.

I wasted A LOT of time and money and was even scammed once to the tune of $36,000…at a time in my life when that was a lot of money. My wife, I’m sure, was ready to kill me. I kept searching and went through my share of “marketing” gurus, consultants, and other helpful and not so helpful people, along the way. In fact to this day I’m still constantly looking for ways to improve my business, and people to work with to help me achieve my vision.

However, I think my office manager Stephanie said it best the other week when we just hung up a phone call with another guy we were working with. “Dr. T. I just don’t get a great feeling about this guy. You know, it’s not like Jerry Jones, where we KNOW we are going to get our money’s worth.”

Now, personally, and hopefully he doesn’t take this the wrong way, but I love Jerry and his company. Jerry and every one of his staff members are great to work with, and very responsive. A++ customer service. It feels like family when you’re working with his company because it is lean and mean that they are like family – especially if you see them year after year at mastermind groups and meetings…and I don’t feel that much with a lot of people I do business with.

Touchy feely things aside, I’ve never gotten so much value out of a company before. Pretty much everything I use marketing wise – free standing inserts, postcards, newsletters, etc., etc., are either all of Jerry’s stuff OR were inspired or introduced to me by Jerry.

The ROI is incredible. Every month, like clockwork, his stuff is helping me generate over 150+ new patients for our practice – all at a very reasonable ad spend. It could be more but we’re bursting at the seams (again) and within the next month will have added another 6 operatories (for a total of 22) so we can continue to expand.

We talk a lot in our office about exceptional exchange and value – were we try and GIVE more value than we receive so we can have patients for life. Jerry has done this with JJD. If you are in need of marketing help, advice or direction, invest in Jerry Jones Direct first. Find out what is PROVEN to work and is working in his own office, and offices around the country right now.

You won’t regret it. Just ask my wife.

Sean Tarpenning, D.D.S.Hebert Dental, Eau Claire, WI