Every business in America is required to post certain state and federal laws in plain site of employees.

Failing at this results in a big fine. One that neither of us needs.

On a recent trip to Costco, my 2nd favorite store (only to Home Depot – actually, they’re a close tie), I found a cool vendor that was selling these “posters” we’re all required to have.

Costco, from my experience, does an excellent job vetting vendors to sell their wares in their many locations.

Their rep depends on it. Low cost, high value. Right?

So far, I’m very impressed with this company. Just this morning, they sent me a late-breaking change for current posters, via email. It was a free update since I registered when I bought the first federal rules poster. Now, they send me state updates, too. Pretty nifty and it keeps me out of hot water.

Here’s where you can go to learn more: www.OSHA4Less.com

They specialize in federal, state and labor law posters.