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If you are in the enviable position of already having a list of folks who’ve voted with their cold hard cash to buy something from you, I’ll tell you without a doubt, the easiest way to make more money faster and with less effort is this: Sell something else of value to the same group. Something related. Something that scratches their biggest itch or cures their biggest pain – maybe even addresses and solves their biggest fear(s).

One of my top financial advisor clients, in mid-December, mailed a letter to all of his clients about a unique opportunity to claim an annuity, that was limited entry (only a certain number sold and only for a limited time thus using scarcity as a sales tactic to increase response – both very, very powerful) and paid 3.5%. They ended up with a HUGE ROI. Their response rate was about 3% to their house list. In mid-December. $50,000 minimum investment.

The best part: there was no sales resistance. No waiting. It was, “I’ll transfer the money to you tomorrow.” Slam. Bam. DONE. I estimated he garnered about a 30:1 ROI after all expenses.

It opened his eyes to making sure he had an offer ready to go every month for his clients to review and look over. Something I’d suggest for you, too.

I have a number of Members in my ClearPath Society® that are on to this. Every month, they put an offer in front of their patients to consider. Some buy. Some don’t. Every month, it more than pays for the mailing, and, makes better buyers out of their patients, too!

While not all will have response rates and ROIs like that, it doesn’t take many to make it worth while. It’s paper, ink and postage. Having that client list is nearly as good as having a pot of gold.


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