During the last 15 years in dental practice marketing, I’ve looked at thousands of websites – those of dentists in particular.

Most are downright worthless when it comes to their intended purpose: First generate, then compel a prospective patient to call the office to schedule an appointment.

So, when I find a great website, let along a great idea on a website, I like to point it out. Especially if it comes from a dentist’s website! It makes it all the more sweet, and easier to adapt to your site, right?

Earlier today, while researching local dentists here in Oregon (it’s blowin’ 50 mph, raining sideways, and I’ve eaten all the warm, gooey chocolate chip, coconut, walnut cupcake cookies my daughters made that I can handle), I stumbled upon an idea you’ve got to implement right away.

ALL the credit for this great idea goes to Dr. Hamed Zehtab of Lake Oswego, Oregon.

On his website, under his banner, are several places you can click for links within his site. The usual suspects appear: About. Home. Dental Care. Testimonials (Good job, Doc! Most don’t use the kudos they’ve received from pts to market themselves). Links. Contact Us. Privacy.

And, one more that really stood out.


This is smart. And cool. You see, he makes it EASY for his patients to refer others to him.

And, smartly, he rewards them for doing so.

Most dentists make it too difficult, or don’t even offer it up at all.

When you get a chance, click here to visit his site. And, the challenge of course, is to take his idea and DO something with it!

I’d plus Hamid’s idea with this: For every person that refers another patient via the website, their name goes in a special “Patients Who’ve Referred Friends & Family To Us” page or location so those referring get recognition. Reward & Recognition…That’s what boosts referrals, big time!