I’m sure every practice in America can use more income from existing pts that have well, fallen through the proverbial cracks.

Earlier today I stopped in at the dental office to check in and see how the day was coming along.

The hygienist and I were discussing the past 2 weeks of activity for her – prophies, SRPs, debrides, MI-Paste that she’s selling the daylights out of, etc.

While reviewing her production I noted that SRPs had jumped significantly over last month. It got me to thinking: every SRP pt has to be back in about every 3 to 4 months for perio maintenance, right?

Well, why were perio maintenance numbers in the toilet?


No one is watching it.

Good news: Easy solution. Bad news, it shouldn’t be something that is happening on my watch. So…

Here’s what we did:

I cracked open the Dentrix Bible, found where we could print off Perio reports of all pts.

From there, she crossed off any non-prospects (moved, dead, denied tx, poor dental health attitude and no interest in improving, OK with dying from gum disease, etc.). Next, guess what she did?

She picked up the phone and started calling. In a matter of 30 minutes, 4 scheduled.

Dear reader, that’s $185 a pop. Almost $400 in new production. When she has dead time Monday, guess what she’ll be doing?




She’s paid on production – a commission if you will – and so she wants to have as big a paycheck as possible. Pretty simple, eh?

What OTHER procedures can you mimic this same process? Prophies, etc., etc.