It happens at least once a month, maybe more often. (It’s toooo often, frankly.)

I encountered it early on, 20+ years ago when I first started working with dentists on their new patient marketing.
The first couple times it happened, I thought, “Well, they are doctors, so maybe they know something I don’t.” I’d get my ego out of the way and I’d let it ride…
As time went on, I began see it regularly.
Funny thing is, I thought too, that eventually docs would catch on to the game.
But they never did. And, they still haven’t.
Not after 20+ years of doing my best to spread the word.
And, it just happened again.

I called it, months ago, as soon as I heard what was going on. I knew exactly how it’d go. I knew the pain in store for the guy before he’d inked the contract for his new purchase.
Then, when I had confirmation I was right yet again, I thought, “What an utterly sad situation. It didn’t have to be that way. But all of us get in our own way at some point, stifling our progress.”
Us humans are a screwy group, eh?

When we were granted the ability to reason by God or whomever you believe gave us that ability (and something or someone had to – I’m totally convinced), I believe it came with a simple caveat:
“You can reason like no other living, breathing, animal to differentiate you, but I won’t give you the ability to know if your reasoning is sound or not. That’ll be the litmus test for your own longevity, prosperity and happiness.”
Kind of a cruel joke, huh?

So what am I talking about? Something you’re undoubtedly familiar with: Believing that new technology purchased by you and installed in your practice will attract new patients.
If you’ve fallen into this trap before, a great sales pitch from some slick sales guy or gal, you know: New technology investment in your practice absolutely WILL NOT attract new patients.
I don’t care if you add an E4D, a CEREC, a 3-D digital scanner, go from film-based x-rays to digital, or a simple Cavitron or $125,000 laser. None of it will compel patients to pick up the phone and make an appointment with you.
Not a single piece of tech will do that.

Technology doesn’t get you new patients.

And, if you’ve been or are right now like many dentists, the tech you are buying is being paid for over time. Debt financing. Monthly strokes. Payments that are PAINFUL when you lack new patient flow.
Yet, you justified (“reasoned”) that since it’s a business investment, it’s a good decision to go into debt.
(And, I think some of it is “comfort.” You are comfortable with tech in dentistry, so it’s not a stressful act to “go deep” with something like a $100,000 piece of equipment.)
Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. Unless you’ve sat down and done a real return on investment analysis, I’m concerned for you.
Regardless though, the actual tech you purchase (outright or over time) won’t put a butt in the op.

If you’re finding yourself tech heavy but low on new patients, and you’re concerned for your future, the best time to handle this is right now.

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