I don’t do it every day, but I do it a few times a week.

No, you dirty bird, I am not referring to that. 🙂

What I am referring to is listening to calls that come in to our Members’ offices through our call tracking service (Which, btw, is amazing!).

I listen to 2 or 3 calls every week and I marvel at the interaction and engagement from prospective patients calling these amazing dental practices.

It’s not uncommon at all to hear, “I got your mailing today and it is soo interesting and informative. Can I set an appointment?”

Or, “Do you have any of the ___ number of appointments left?” The ___ is how many new patient appointment slots our Member has made available for a promotion. (This is a marketing strategy we refer to as creating “scarcity.” It helps move our prospects closer to taking action vs. sitting on their haunches and waiting. I encourage you to use it in all of your marketing. Adding that alone can increase your response rates to any ad campaign by 15% or more!)

My favorite this week, was a recent call where the lady said to the person answering the phone (who, by the way, happened to be the doctor since it’s a brand new practice and just opened). The first words out of the new patient’s mouth, and no kidding, I can send you the clip:

“I would to set an appointment to get a cleaning…by the way, what a cute postcard!”

Does your marketing generate that kind of interest and engagement?

It should.

Reach out if we can help you create a new, deeper level of commitment from your marketing efforts!

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