At SofTouch Dental the last few months, we’ve cranked out a number of new denture cases. How many, I have no idea without looking, but, based on the low-five-figure lab bill, we’re doing a few.

One day when I was in the office I observed an older couple, both edentulous and there for free consultations (which many times turn into $3k+ cases each). They were really nice folks. I listened as the doctor explained how their older dentures were no longer functioning and perhaps causing them grief. She explained patiently, how to care for dentures so they will last a long time.

They listened intently and I could tell, much of what they were hearing was news to them, or at least, it had been a long time since someone took them by the hand and explained it to them.

You’d be surprised how many denture patients there are out there that have no clue about how to care for their dentures.

With an investment of $3k for an upper and lower, they ought to at least have care instructions to go with the case, don’t you think?

That led me to write the following Denture Care piece. You may like all of it, some of it, or none of it. Bottom line, you can take what I’ve done and use it yourself, simply modifying language and changing the information where it makes sense to you.

Anyway…enjoy. A little gift from me, to you!

You can download the “Care Instructions For Your New Denture,” here. It’s in a simple .doc (Word) document.