I just rolled in from a short vacation over at the beach in Lincoln City. Beautiful little coastal town. Sleepy except for the summer or holidays.

There are a couple little developments that have popped up over the years in Lincoln City that define charming. They are cottage-ish, retro-ish and definitely beach-y. In fact, their builders are some of the best on the coast. One in particular always rises to the top. And, their signature style is easy to spot at a distance. They’ve built a number of commercial buildings, too, to include a little coffee drive-thru and the building they house their businesses in.

The name is synonymous with Lincoln City. Oksenholt Construction. They’ve become omnipresent through continuous brand exposure, i.e., visibility, and quality. In fact, were I to have a house built at the beach right now, they’d be my first and likely only phone call.

Even if I were looking for a house that I did not want to build myself, I’d seek out one of their properties. They just have the “look.” And, their success isn’t an accident.

I’d challenge anyone to go to Lincoln City and try to drive around an hour and not notice the name, Oksenholt.

I’m reminded of my visit to Eau Claire, WI a few years back to conduct an Invisalign seminar with Gold Member, Dr. Sean Tarpenning.

Oksenholt and Tarpenning both, have taken the idea of omnipresence, and leveraged it in their own community to be the one others seek.

When I think of Eau Claire, I think of Hebert Dental. When I think of Lincoln City and cool houses, I think of Oksenholt.

When I think of your community, what reason(s) would I associate your practice with it? Would I? Are you doing what it takes to be omnipresent?

There are a number of ways to boost and leverage this:

  • Get more aggressive with marketing
  • Be more consistent with marketing
  • Get involved with your community (Chamber and other organizations) – don’t be “just a dental practice.” Be of service.
  • Put yourself in positions where people are forced to meet you and befriend you. (Not everyone will become a patient, but many will! They will feel compelled and obligated when they meet you in a different capacity and get to know, like and trust you!)
  • Author and then publish useful content…On a blog, in a book, on a radio show, and any and all printed media you can get into!

There are dozens of ways to accomplish this and it doesn’t have to happen overnight. ffffffffff