As most of you already know, last week Dr. Tom Orent, “The Gems Guy,” and I got together to host a great training webinar with all of the proceeds going to the American Red Cross, benefitting the Hurricane Relief Efforts for Texas and Florida.

This webinar will be released for viewing soon for those who weren’t able to attend live so keep an eye on your inbox.

To date, we’ve all helped raise $5,254.00 towards our $10,000.00 goal. This is amazing progress and thank you to those who have donated. For those of you who haven’t gotten around to donating, please take action now; for many affected by these brutal storms, it will be weeks, months and in some cases, years before normalcy returns. Tens of thousands of displaced Americans from all walks of life need your help, now.

I know what some of you may be saying, “Jerry, money is tight right now and I just can’t swing it.” If that’s the case, please contact your Member Ambassador so we can change that…we want to see you be successful and that’s what we’re here for; utilize us and all of your Member Benefits!

Please take action now by donating to our cause. Your help is just a click away. Remember to stay tuned soon for the rerelease of the webinar!