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Digital Marketing
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Made Easy & Effective

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The interwebs (aka Internet) is trolled by an unrelenting cesspool of crooks, thieves, and shysters who scheme day and night in their boardrooms and mothers’ basements to separate you from your hard-earned money in exchange for bold promises they’ll never fulfill, guarantees they have no intention of honoring and bald-faced lies that’ll leave you lighter in the wallet and none-the-wiser. By the way, that’s been my own personal experience. And, I’ve been online darn near since that bald, pointy headed Marc Andresseen and his team truly commercialized the Internet. (I’m bald and flat-headed, so I think I can say that). I even had an email address that long ago. I am sure if you’ve been around and have experienced being in business my first paragraph won’t shock you. You’ve not doubt been lead astray by some “geek,” too. But, today, that can all end right now. You can experience measurable results, honesty, integrity and trust with one of the few organizations who actually understand the single most important role a dental practice website plays: attract new patients to your office. After all, there is no other reason to have a website. It is, in its simplest form, another piece of media you can use to sell your prospective patients on why YOU are their best choice to call for dental care. It isn’t to highlight your degrees, training or anything else. It’s to make your phone ring more than it is now with qualified new patients. Here at Jerry Jones Direct’s Digital Division, we know what it takes to get your phone to ring and generate more calls than ever before. We understand the foundational and guiding principles of direct response marketing, too, which you’ll be hard-pressed to find a web geek that even knows what that means.

It’s with that level of confidence I know we can change your world online and deliver what you need: new patients calling your practice that want or need dentistry. Now, take the next step and contact my team here at Jerry Jones Direct today. You’ll enjoy a complimentary website analysis, valued at $197, along with specific recommendations to fix what ails your site – costing you time and money every single month.


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