Do you know what keeps most dentists from being wildly successful?

They never ASK their patients, “Do you want to fix that today?”

Instead, they diagnose, waffle and walk.

If you want to see an immediate JUMP in case completion (screw case acceptance — that, on the surface isn’t what you’re after — it’s case COMPLETION which = Fungolas in the bank.)

I’m not saying I’m not guilty.

In fact, I’m guilty of this very thing.

Do you know that much of what I write about in my newsletter for ClearPath Society Members and at this blog is from personal, “DUH, JERRY!!” experience?

Well, it is. I ain’t perfect. Nor will I claim it.

I caught myself in this very trap last week. I was at my good friend James’ office and he hit me. Not actually, just verbally beat me until I was near tears.

…CRYING because I had failed so many of my clients in recent months…

AND, because I know better.

I know to ask. I know that the only measure of my success IN BUSINESS is what I deposit in the bank.

I can’t be philanthropic without first being profitable and neither can you.

YOU, in this economy, can’t afford to NOT complete more dentistry by ASKING for the sale.

DO NOT become a fantastic diagnostitician, only to waffle and walk.

It’s a poor man’s game and it sucks.

Ask for the sale.

If your patients are not saying yes, it’s because you have not ID’d the problem, or, have not agitated the problem sufficiently, or, you did not offer the solution right then and there and start treatment.

It’s rarely about money and far less often than you or I think.

It’s all in your head and it’s time to shake that crap loose.