“The BIG FAT Lie They’re Peddling
About Dental Success… And,

 What THEY Hope YOU NEVER Discover!”


Dear Friend,

Ever wonder why some Dentists seem to have the Midas Touch when it comes to success, while their colleagues struggle?

Why some are rich yet others broke?

Why some are miserable but others so happy and “fulfilled” they’re darn near annoying?

I used to wonder, too. But, it became crystal clear when I first really began to understand…

The Tale Of Two Dentists


Imagine if you will, two identical Dentists:

Here’s the rub: one is rich and one is struggling to make ends meet, and, he’s on the verge of losing his practice to a bankruptcy, his staff to a mutiny, and, his wife to divorce.

How can this shocking, sad truth be: one Dentist who is rich and one who is poor even if all other things have been equal?

It’s the craziest thing, but, nearly 100% of the time, one Dentist in this scenario will far out-earn and “out-live” the other (in prosperity, abundance, even life span).

One doctor will be wealthy. One broke.

What’s more, if you could somehow remove the rich dentist from his “successful practice” and put him in the poor dentist’s practice, he’d improve it almost overnight.

And, the poor doc will quickly run the successful practice right into the ground. Almost overnight.

It happens all the time. In fact, I’ve seen it happen.

It’s a frustrating, oft-played-out scenario.

You probably know a dentist you went to school with, or, one that’s younger than you, who’s earning more than you and living, “an epic life.”

Am I right?

Well, if I happen to be wrong, which I doubt, consider this:

Even if you have all you think you need or want, or you’ve at least justified in your mind that you have all you need or want and you’re “doing okay,” … a part of you no doubt says, “Why can’t I have that? Do that? Live like that? Go there? Be like him?”

…Doesn’t it?

I am positive, if you have the guts to succeed or you feel like you’ve at least done “OK,” you’ve asked yourself those questions.


Why Is One Rich and One Poor?


Years ago, there was a famous direct mail letter that advertised the Wall Street Journal. Perhaps you read it. It started out much like this letter.

It had to do with two businessmen with identical backgrounds: One wildly successful, the other flat broke, in debt and miserable.

Turns out, one subscribed to and read the Journal; the other did not.

The “broke,” yet identically born, bred and college-educated man was what I call a “low-information” businessman.

The happy, ultra-successful businessman was the opposite. He was motivated-to-learn and a highly-informed man. He truly understood school was never out for the real pro…

…That knowledge is the fuel that builds empires!

He also knew that, upon graduation, that’s when the learning really begins.


The ONLY Difference Between
Success & Failure … Rich and Poor


My question to you: Are you a low-information Dentist, struggling, or, are you a high-information Dentist of action?

I’m betting if you’re reading this, that you’re a man or woman of action…or, at the very least, you have the burning DESIRE to be.

(Sadly, there’s a place for both in our industry. I wish all Dentists were the latter – high-information Dentists of Action; the whole industry would be better for it. But, we’re dealing with human nature and that’ll just never be the case.)

My point is this: If you’re doing incredibly well, it’s no doubt because you take action on the information you seek out.

If you’re struggling, not where you want to be in life, you’re not getting the right information and applying it the right way.

And, while you’ve got the responsibility for your own success, not anyone else, it may not be your fault up until now – but if you pass on what I’m about to reveal here, now, who will then be at fault for your failureOR, your success?

Beware the Wolves


In Dentistry, just like in any industry (and I’ve worked with private clients in education, financial advisors, physicians, chiropractors, attorneys and many other industries), there are frauds and charlatans out to make a quick buck off of you.

They prey like hungry wolves on your insecurities, and, the burning desire you have to succeed – exploiting you – taking advantage of your back being against the wall.

It’s time that all STOPS. Here. Now.

My mission today is crystal clear: I want to help YOU reach YOUR full potential and become or enhance your position as a high-information Dentist of Action.



Here’s Your Chance To Get The EDGE
For Even Greater Success In Dentistry…
…If You’ve Got The Guts


Over 20 years ago when I was first introduced to the Dental industry, I quickly noted that while nearly every Dentist was high-information in some areas, like Clinical Dentistry, almost ALL were low-information Dentists in the area of Business – you know, running a profitable practice.

I noted there was a HUGE gaping hole in your educational fulfillment process.

While you got an incredible technical education to become a clinician, you received nearly ZERO education in the most important part of being successful in Modern Dentistry…

And, it’s my contention you’ve been told.


A BIG FAT ‘110-Year Old LIE’
About Dental Success & Prosperity


I’ve got news for you: You’ve been sold a near-worthless bill of goods by industry swindlers. And, you’re not their first victim.

And, I can prove it.

There’s a deep, very complex conspiracy against Dentists which I’ve traced back to the early 1900’s, yes, over 100 years ago, when an attempt was made by a few folks, doctors you’ve never heard of, to turn Dentistry into a respectable, profitable, patient-centered and rewarding life-long career you could be proud of and compensated for appropriately.

But…it was hi-jacked early on by special interest groups whose sole mission was to keep Dentists just moderately successful and nearly chained to their chairs, even handcuffed to their drills.

And, it’s been going on right under our noses for over a full CENTURY.

In the early 1900s, Ritter Dental Manufacturing partnered up with a Dentist to publish a number of “entrepreneurially-focused” letters to help dentists learn what today is known as PRACTICE MANAGEMENT

In fact, I’ve read them all. I even have some of the original digests in my possession. And, you’d be shocked to learn that in these very letters, some of which are over 100-years old, the advice inside holds the keys to your future success in Dentistry.

YOUR prosperity. Your ability to live life on your own terms.

And, I’m willing to bet, unless you’re one of my students or Members, you’ve never heard of these. Ever.

Why would all these prominent organizations and industry-controlling giants (like BIG insurance) that sap you for a combined TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars every year, suppress this information and not bring it to your attention?



WHY would they hide it?

Simple…Promoting BUSINESS savvy doesn’t coincide with their mission to keep you nearly 100% engaged in the practice of clinical dentistry… chained to your chair.

Their mission is to keep you making only enough to justify their existence and extort dues and discounts on your back to further their own political agendas and grow their enormous and powerful organizations.

As you might imagine, I’m NOT going to make any friends in those big 800 pound, industry-controlling and manipulating gorillas by exposing this.

You see, I get it, I know where my bread is buttered and I know WHO I am destined to help.

And, it’s not some disconnected organization or industry giant.

I mean, have you EVER had a champion from one of these organizations talk to you about how to be successful in BUSINESS?

Nope. They focus on two things: clinical Dentistry and their own bottom line. And, many of these tin can, self-aggrandizing, self-serving, “anti-little” guy folks have never faced the realities of small business that you have I have.

They live and exist solely on your dues money. And, forced discounts to take care of their “insured.”

They are much like our own government. They are supported by your hard work. Your blood, sweat and tears. YOUR labor.

But, when you need them, where are they?

Everywhere but backing you up, right? Just like our gov’t.

I feel and know first-hand your frustration. Even though I’m not a Dentist, over the last decade, I built my own dental office from scratch. I have invested my own money. My time. My own blood, sweat and tears to create a successful office.

HERE’S THE SHOCKING TRUTH: the most impactful lessons along that Journey to a successful Office have NEVER come from INSIDE Dentistry…NOT A SINGLE ONE.



How My Journey Can Impact Yours,
So YOU Can Become Wildly (or Even More) Successful


After 20+ years of observation and interaction, it’s become very clear Dentists for the most part, haven’t been exposed to Business skills.

Most Docs readily absorb all they can on the tech side … even borrowing (aka leasing) exorbitant, unfathomable amounts of money to fund a clinical education and technological gadgets.

You know, $100,000 crown milling machines. $120,000 lasers. And the list goes on … (my own successful office has none of these!).

What most don’t understand is that this is an unsustainable approach to Business!

When it comes to investing in Business education, you can hear a pin drop in every empty room where someone is making an attempt to teach “Business.”




That lack of interest in business and how to run a profitable practice beyond the clinical side of Dentistry has created for many an UNwelcome opportunity in our wonderful industry and it’s not what most Dentists were hoping for, nor is it what they need most!

In fact, solo practice Dentists are rallying hard against it.

Maybe you’ve heard of it. It’s been called a lot of things. Most commonly it’s referred to as, “Corporate Dentistry.”

While that, to me, isn’t the right name, it is the one that has stuck.

And, it’s scaring the living daylights out of a lot of solo practicing Dentists, and rightly so.

It’s even ruffled the practice management “gooroos’” feathers, too. Why? They’re seeing their livelihood and high fees evaporating like water in a hot desert.

No matter, really. You see, it’s here to stay. (Another subject for another day, but it IS the reason I started Wellness Springs Dental®, a Dental Office Franchise, to give Dentists who want independence, but, desire business support – a unique advantage!)


How To Bridge The Clinical/Business Gap



Look, ANY successful Business is based on the fundamentals Dentists just aren’t taught, and until forced by circumstances, are really hesitant to embrace.

Those Business Fundamentals are:

Note the order they appear in. To me, that’s really the hierarchy of business success (aside from the most essential ingredients: desire and willingness to work hard & smart).

Unless you are trained, just like you were trained to do RCTs, Crowns, Fillings, Veneers, Dentures, Implants, Botox, treat SA, and all that other really amazing stuff, to BE A BUSINESSMAN or WOMAN, you’re going to face a brutally tough, exhausting, and sometimes unforgiving paddle up a smelly creek.


Introducing: Dentistry’s ANSWER
To Business Success for ANY Dentist…


This is where the most efficient, effective and amazing way EVER to help YOU reach the level of success you deserve and desire in Dentistry – no matter if it’s a small, simple, highly profitable solo practice, or, a CHAIN of practices – my brand-new offering, Dentistry Confidential™, comes into play.

What is Dentistry Confidential™? Simply explained, it’s a Mini Dental Business Seminar I conduct every month and deliver right to you.

No travel.

No hassles with airplanes, expensive airfare or nasty hotels.

No leaving your family.  

No fat tuition checks to cut.



Here’s how it works: Each month, I “interview” a noted expert in BUSINESS. (One of my interviewees said it was more like an interrogation because I was so insistent he spill his guts and secrets – too bad for him, but GREAT for you – wait until you hear what he reveals to you about his secrets to business success!)

What’s important is that sometimes I “interrogate” Dentists and sometimes, they’re Business guys like me.

They are however, all very accomplished. And, they are very successful in their chosen field of study.

What’s more, each expert I bring to you has been personally vetted by me. In fact, I dig into their theories and practices and ensure they align with showing YOU a successful path to prosperity.

Here’s a list of the folks I’ve interviewed recently and what they’ll be sharing with you in the coming months in your monthly Mini Dental Business seminars… (BTW, these are ANYTHING but boring – you’ll need to be ready, pen in hand, to jot down the gems!)


It’s A Nearly FREE Way…


What’s more, Dentistry Confidential™ is the most affordable way to turn your car or even your smart phone into a portable, nearly FREE University.



When you subscribe to Dentistry Confidential™, each and every month, you’ll receive a timely Mini Dental Business Seminar on CD (or, if you’re outside of the U.S., a downloadable .mp3) from me.

You’ll also receive a PDF transcript of the interview to study and take notes on!

Don’t worry: These are NOT “sales” pitches disguised as information, either. (Although, truth be known, every great sales pitch and case presentation you do educates as well as sells! Don’t miss this important point!)

Listen close … I’ve recently recorded and packaged specifically for this promotion, four timely, special Mini Dental Business Seminars – to give you a BIG SURGE in powerful information that will transform your life and practice almost the moment you listen in.

Here are the BONUS Mini Dental Business Seminars I’ve arranged for you to receive:


These FOUR Incredible Mini Dental Business Seminars
Are YOURS FREE When You Subscribe:


Dr. Dustin Burleson, How Any Dentist Can Go From ZERO to 3,000+ Patients In No Time Flat

Mr. Loren Smith, How to Use Modern Tech To Eliminate Business Headaches

Dr. Michael Abernathy, The Brutal Truth About Success Dentists Don’t Want To Know

Dr. Ginger Bratzel, Marketing Your Practice – The Psychology We Must All Understand


You’ll receive all of these, PLUS, your first month’s Dentistry Confidential™ Mini Dental Business Seminar, too! And, you’ll receive a PDF transcript of every single one of these amazing interviews. (In your first month, you’ll have nearly FIVE hours of education to digest!)

I guarantee they will:

–   motivate & excite you,

–   increase your income,

–   make you a far better businessman or woman

–   improve your station in life, and,

–   help you grow your practice!

Oh, and if you’ve temporarily misplaced it, you’ll also get that “JUICE” back you’ve lost! You know, your PASSION for Dentistry!

Generally an hour long, these fun, stimulating and interesting conversations between me and my guest experts will add some much needed oxygen to your fire and reignite your dreams for dentistry and business.

I know you might be thinking this is going to be expensive. $197 a month? $97 a month? $79? $49? $39? $29? I mean, experts don’t speak for free! (One of these fellas bills his time out at $1200.00 per hour! My hourly is currently at $1250/hr)

Great news…It’s far, far less.


It’s LESS THAN 65 cents-a-day
for the equivalent to a
Ph.D. Education In Business!


Your investment in Dentistry Confidential™ is less than the cost of a single 2 oz. first class stamp a day!

Here’s one of the best parts … the moment you decide Dentistry Confidential™ is for you, you’ll enjoy the incredibly low rate of only $19.95 your first month and, only $19.95 monthly thereafter.


It’s Just $19.95 Per Month!


There’s no obligation. No “term.” And, you can cancel your subscription at any time (Although, if it’s true that school’s never out for the pro, I’m not sure why for less than Sixty-Five CENTS a day, you’d ever want to unplug.)

My goal with Dentistry Confidential™ is to reach 100,000 dentists every month, worldwide, in just five years. And, I’d love for you to join me on the journey.



It’s that easy. When you subscribe, you’ll gain immediate access THAT DAY to the digital versions of ALL of the interviews above, PLUS, the PDF transcripts!

And, it’s just $19.95 a month…less than 65 cents a day!

What have you got to lose?

Oh, and one more thing – just like with ANY program I deliver to you, every month, there’s a 30-day 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. (Yes, I realize it’s less than $20, but it’s the principle of the thing…)

I back all I do up with a No-Hassle, No-Risk Guarantee: You have to be happy. Thrilled. Pleased as punch with your decision to join. Or, your money back. No questions asked.

Get started now! I’d be honored to welcome you aboard as a subscriber, today!




Jerry A. Jones, Founder
Dentistry Confidential™
Jerry Jones Direct


P.S. With a price so low, it’ll never go lower. What do you possibly have to lose?!

Just one little tip a YEAR more than justifies your time and expense investing just $19.95 a month into this brand-new resource!

PS. #2 Join today and you’ll receive the first FOUR Mini Dental Business Seminars I’ve recently recorded specifically for New Subscribers! A nearly $80 value!

PS. #3 If you’re inside the US, you’ll automatically receive a CD of each month’s Dentistry Confidential™ Mini Dental Business Seminar.

Outside the US? You’ll receive access to a digital .mp3 file of the seminar and the PDF transcript!

As a US-based subscriber, you’ll receive access to the digital version, too, at no extra charge!

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NOTE: You can use this the same way I have. I’m not even a Dentist, yet, when I applied these basic BUSINESS techniques revealed in Dentistry Confidential™, I’ve built a successful 7-figure dental office with 3 doctors…each one with the freedom to practice HOW they want and when they want without interference from me or anyone else. They are 100% independent. Why not join me today?



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