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“FINALLY… A Comprehensive Dental Practice Success Plan Customized For YOUR Practice, With YOUR Goals In Mind, By Expert Marketer With 23+ Years Experience & 15-Years As A Practice Owner, Like You!”

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All delivered to you on a Silver Platter, in under 16 hours… From a team that’s already done it and continues to build successful practices all over the U.S.

Meet & Learn From Dentistry’s
Top Experts at This Exclusive Event, September 19-20, 2019 in Salem, Oregon

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Your Host

I grew up wanting to be in business and to own a business. I watched my mom struggle as a small business owner in different direct sales models. Looking back I can easily see she lacked the individualized support needed to help her grow. I saw my father deal with a different set of challenges – being an employee and facing a different kind of uncertainty. Just a few months before he was eligible to retire, his company terminated his position, effectively getting him out the door with minimal expense — that was after over 20 years. And they sent him packing with a less-than-generous retirement package and a nice watch.

After witnessing their struggles first hand — two incredible examples of hard work and determination to improve and grow — I was determined no one would control my destiny. It was then that business ownership seemed to be the answer to avoid their challenges.

Jerry & John Rich

Jerry with Country Music Superstar Singer & Songwriter John Rich of Big & Rich

From age 12, I’ve owned a business of some kind. I had a number of lawn care accounts in my neighborhood. I “purchased” my first lawn mower by simply trading lawn care for a broken down riding mower. Hours later, with my dad guiding me through the process, I had a yellow Sears & Roebuck rider and my business took off. I had 10 accounts paying me $10/week. $400 a month in 1984 was a lot for a 12 year-old. I soon added edging and other services to increase the value of my services to my customers.

I spent three years in college classes, bored to tears. My fourth year was in Washington, DC as an intern and later, paid staffer for a US Senator. I returned to the northwest after about two years in DC and settled in Salem, Oregon, where I live today.

In 1996, without any financial backing, I bought my first company for 40 payments of $1,000. That was Jerry Jones Direct 1.0. I sold that company to an employee about 8 years later. Shortly thereafter, Jerry Jones Direct 2.0 (JJD) was born.

Jerry, Rocky Bleier & Hines Ward, Super Bowl Champions from the Pittsburgh Steelers.

I’ve bought, sold or started 18 companies to include 3 dental practices and a dental assisting school, and right now, I’m working on what I believe will be my life-long project here at JJD…helping dentists grow significant practices to support their goals and objectives.

For the past two decades, and after 15 years in dental “practice” ownership myself, in multiple offices, my focus is on helping dentists be successful — however they define success.

It’s been said you can either write a check for knowledge, or, learn it the hard way, via The School of Hard Knocks.

While there’s no doubt lessons learned from experience “stick” better than those we write a check to learn (at a school, CE course, consultant, vendor, etc.), those we acquire by writing a check are often the most valuable.

Jerry Jones & Sig Hansen

Jerry with Capt. Sig Hansen, star of Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch

I’ve found in business, it’s best to create your foundational principles based on both — your personal experiences and those you cut a check to acquire. One way or the other you’ll pay — it’s a matter of when and how you choose to get the knowledge or learn that lesson. And, I know first-hand: the business of dentistry can be absolutely brutal.

Our goal at JJD is to keep you from learning lessons the painful way and instead, capitalize on our 100+ years of combined business and dental industry knowledge…what I wish I had when I started out. Now, it’s yours for the taking; if you want it.

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I battled Big Dentistry and won every time, every day. Now, let the team that helped me, help you!

My life’s work is helping dentists just like you WIN…by reaching your goals so you can live a full and rewarding life, on your terms.

I’ll be covering, in rapid-fire fashion (but with time to spare for ample Q&A – so no one leaves with questions unanswered!):

  • The Four Pillars of Successful Practice Marketing & Execution. This is how the dental practice of the future must operate if they are to make marketing a profit center and remain viable in the battle with DSOs. I’ll introduce you to the four pillars and how to leverage each and every one to the fullest extent possible…with not a stitch of work required from you! In today’s dental marketing, there simply is no other way!
  • What’s working now to attract new patients in practices all over the US – ONLINE and OFFLINE. We’re “in the mail” and “online” every day ensuring what we’re doing for practices is driving new patient numbers AND, keeping them coming back! This is an area where we pour tens of thousands of dollars into every month. We measure the effectiveness and profitability of every single campaign our Members run! This means they know what’s working, what’s not and where to invest their marketing funds and where to pull back. NO ONE IN DENTISTRY HAS THIS CAPABILITY EXCEPT JERRY JONES DIRECT through our Profit Insight® software and training system!
  • The Golden Keys of Leadership. Without leadership skills and without leadership training and the mentality that accompanies it, your practice is but just another practice in the sea of choices patients have. Worse, for a practice not focused in on the value and even at the base level, understanding Leadership, you’re leaving so much success on the table, not to mention future growth and profits, that it ought to make you ill. These are the kinds of skills that help retain the best talent, too!
  • And so much, more!

Your Speaker & Host


Jerry A. Jones


WARNING: There are a lot of folks running around in dentistry delivering the same message they’ve delivered for 20 years.

The vast majority of marketing and practice management consultants are saying the same things, still trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. They’re not creating anything new or valuable for the profession.

Worse, many ignore the value of sound business and direct response marketing fundamentals and instead, are focused on “new” marketing tactics alone.

A tactic won’t get you very far.
However, Strategy does.
Strategy is the overall comprehensive
approach for growing your practice.

CNBC’s The Profit, Marcus Lemonis with Jerry onstage coaching a fellow entrepreneur

A lot of the “new” dental marketing companies focused solely on marketing your practice online are popping up, who, with the power of Internet B.S., hold themselves out to be instantly credible with dozens or even hundreds of clients. So much of that is total hogwash and outright lies.

I see it all the time, and we hear the horror stories of dentists who’ve been totally screwed by these dumpster-diving, “living-in-momma’s-basement” geeks, flim-flam internet shysters bilking dentists for tens of thousands of dollars on ego-based websites that just don’t produce new patients. You’ve gotta watch out for these people. One, for example, keeps using the same testimonial from the same doctor – and that doctor’s no longer even in business!

But, perhaps most significant here is this: If you charge off to one of their “seminars,” what they would put in front of you at an event is nothing like what you’re going to see here.

During our time together, I’ll share a number of JJD’s top practice management strategies, to include:

  • How to develop your practice’s unique culture, vision, and purpose (Skip this and you’ll stay forever below your potential!)
  • The foundation for and development of a hugely profitable hygiene department
  • And much more!

Not to brag, but frankly just these topics alone warrant attending.

Then later, we’ll cover:

  • How to define your ideal patient
  • How to attract the ideal patient
  • How to determine where they live
  • How and what to reach them with, and
  • What we’ve discovered motivates this group of people to respond
  • And more!

Let’s put it this way, it’s going to be jam-packed with not just content to take home…

You see, due to how we structure our events, you’ll walk away with a CUSTOMIZED, actionable plan that is going to be unique to your situation and specifically for your practice.

Jerry & Oliver North

(from left to right) Jerry & his wife, Tracy with Lt. Col. Oliver North at a joint-effort fund-raiser

That’s exactly why we’ve have no more than 5 people in the room vs. 50. This is a very individualized event. The content is very individualized.

We do this different than anyone in dentistry as a demonstration that we’re a company unlike any other in dentistry.

And, once folks register, they will understand why and how it becomes very individualized.

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Who is this event really NOT for?

We would love it if JJD had an event where everybody that showed up was just perfect for it. In other words, what we were going to share was just right and at the right time for the people that were there.

That it’s tough for us to tell. When is it right for a doctor to be at our event? I can’t make that decision or judgment for you and neither can my team. What we can do is explain who would be just absolutely frustrated beyond belief to attend this event and I think that’s just as important.

One of marketing’s functions is to attract the right kind of person for your product or services. You’d agree, right? It’s also equally as important to repel the wrong people to attend so that the right people maximize their investment and their time with us.

Believe me, I suffer fools poorly and I have no time for BS and neither do other attendees – so we’re protecting your time as much as our own!

We work hard and we work a lot at this event. So, who is Dental Success Blueprint not for?

  • It’s not for new dentists. If you’re right out of school or if you’ve been practicing a couple years or you’re working for a DSO, this isn’t for you. I’ll just be blunt, please don’t even apply.
  • As important, it’s not just for team members. Please don’t send your team members only because without you being here and really getting a firm handhold on what this is about, it’s going to be a waste of your team member’s time and ultimately, yours.
  • This event is also not for a doctor with a negative attitude about business. So, if you love dentistry and you hate business, please don’t darken my door because this is about the business of dentistry. We will not talk clinical shop talk. If you want to talk technical stuff about dentistry, this isn’t the place for it. I owned a dental practice for 15 years and not one time did I ever enter a conversation with a dentist about clinical dentistry.
  • If you work for a DSO, this event really isn’t for you.
  • It’s not for a doc that just wants to blend in. With just 5 primary attendees in the room, you’ll get the most from our time together by participating.
  • If you’re happy with where you’re at, status quo is good for you, again, stick with that and I guarantee, I’ll be able to tell your income in one year or less and how much it’s decreased from today. If you’re happy with what’s going on, obviously this would be a waste of your time. We’re looking at helping you achieve significant improvement and growth. We’re not looking at status quo. Status quo can be achieved by staying home and doing absolutely nothing. In fact, by not attending this event any potential result you seek, the opportunity to achieve it will very likely continue to erode. You have to be honest and ask, “If not this, then what will change my practice?”
  • Importantly, this is also not for the doctor who’s barely hanging on, hoping for a Hail Mary. While I’ve rescued many practices over the years, I’d offer a completely different solution for those doctors and frankly, that’s just not part of what we’ll cover at this event.

So, then, who is the ideal attendee?

When I think about who can benefit most from investing two days with the folks here at Jerry Jones Direct and really focusing on practice growth and really wanting to understand marketing and what drives your business, it’s pretty clear. It’s almost as clear, frankly, for me as it is who this isn’t for. This is an event for docs who

  • Have at least ten years under their belt of practice ownership, not nine years of DSO or working for the man or working as an associate and they’ve been out one year on their own. I want ten years of practice ownership. That tells me that you’ve been through enough good and bad times that you’re open and you’re interested and you’re willing to listen and you realize, the hardest truth of all, I don’t know what I don’t know.
  • You’re looking for someone who knows what you don’t know and they’re eager to help you.
  • It’s also for a doctor who has some experience under his belt, that’s been beat up a time or two. I’ve been through an absolute financial catastrophe myself and so I know what that’s like. I’ve been through a lot of challenges in my life. Fortunately, divorce is not one of them, but I’ve been through enough in business that I have a great respect for people that have taken their lumps and they keep coming back. They keep getting up. If that’s you, this is a good place for you to be.
  • This is probably rather odd, but we have a practice collections requirement for this event. If your practice isn’t doing at least $90,000 a month in collections, we can’t do much for you at this point. Your practice hasn’t reached the stage or the point where we can offer tremendous help. Our sweet spot, frankly, is $90,000 a month minimum on up to about half a million a month. And, we have a number of members who are in excess of a half a million a month. Bluntly, it takes horsepower (cashflow) to leverage the kind of marketing and system creation/ implementation that we’ll be talking about.
  • It’s for those guys and gals who are aggressive action takers and they demand that their business support them, not that they support the business.
  • You’ve got to be coachable, willing to listen.
  • Most importantly though, I think our most successful doctors that we work with have open minds about what is required to succeed in dentistry.
  • PLATEAUED, MATURE PRACTICE? The Dental Success Blueprint (DSB) is also for doctors with mature practices that are looking to grow by adding more new patients, perhaps an associate or future partner. No matter if you’ve hit a plateau or in “income ceiling” that you can’t seem to bust through, or, you’ve decided to add more days, hours, or, even an added location (buying and merging, or, opening a de novo, from-scratch practice), DSB will help you exceed your goals in record time – just like it has for your colleague, Dr. Ken Murphy.
  • MULTI-LOCATION PRACTICE? There isn’t a single company in dentistry today that has more experience or the incredible track record with multi-location/multi-doctor (ML/MD) practices than JJD. Leveraging proven concepts from my own dental “practice” here in Salem, Oregon, and from our hundreds of Members nationwide, attending The Dental Success Blueprint will help the ML/MD decision makers create long-term, profitable direct response marketing campaigns. Designed to drive new patient numbers higher than ever before, attendees will also learn how to address the ever-important patient retention challenges for ML/MD practices.

So, this is really for solo or small group practice owners who are ready to grow, literally.

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Here’s What You’ll Come Home With…

This is probably the most exciting part. You can go to an event and it doesn’t really matter what it is. It can be a clinical education event where you’re going to learn Invisalign. So the takeaway is that you’re a certified Invisalign provider. Now you can do procedures a whole bunch of other dentists are already doing, and you can charge for it and you have an opportunity to now sell this orthodontic service in your practice. That kind of seminar offers “incremental” improvement, only.

The Dental Success Blueprint Event is vastly different.

In Stephen R. Covey’s book, The 8th Habit, he reveals an important fact affecting not just big businesses, but the smaller ones like those you and I operate.  He writes:

Author John Gardner once said, “Most ailing organizations have developed a functional blindness to their own defects. They are not suffering because they cannot resolve their problems, but because they cannot see their problems.” Einstein put it this way: “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.”

These statements underscore one of the most profound learnings of my life: If you want to make minor, incremental changes and improvements, work on practices, behavior or attitude. But if you want to make significant, quantum improvement, work on paradigms [emphasis mine].

We’re delivering the opportunity for QUANTUM improvement in your practice – not mere incremental! At the Dental Success Blueprint, the takeaway is you going home with easilyimplementable customized solutions to your unique challenges, which literally require ZERO work on your part and at most, minutes for your team, to achieve not just a minute move of the needle, but in addition, a focus on evolving the way you think about your practice – to change your paradigm. In addition…

You are going to leave with a ready-to-start Dental Success Blueprint designed and customized by a team of experts based on what we learn about you, for maximizing your ROI and growth potential. It might be heavy in marketing, or, it might be heavy in the business management and systems side.

Each attendee will have a different Blueprint specifically designed for them.

And when I mean complete Success Blueprint, this is an annual flexible plan designed to fit your budget and EXCEED your goals and objectives!

We’ve created hundreds of these over the years and every single attendee leaves the Dental Success Blueprint Event with his or hers ready to go. But that’s just the beginning…

…The even bigger takeaway than your customized success blueprint is likely the most important part: a plan of action to implement. In other words, it isn’t just us handing you a detailed plan and saying, “Good luck.”

It’s more like… “Here’s the blueprint, here’s what it’s going to do and here’s the way to get it done.”

On the evening of Day 2, you’ll finish up with three crucial outcomes:

  1. You’ll know how best to think about the business of dentistry as it continues to change (your paradigm shift),
  2. You’ll have a customized Blueprint detailing out how to achieve the growth you desire; and,
  3. You’ll know how the implementation behind it all works – how you can easily get it done without any stress at all.

How’s DSB – This Event – Different?

We recognize you have a ton of choices. Every single weekend there’s someplace a dentist can go to learn something. That’s kind of the nature of the industry at the moment. There’s a lot of continuing education opportunities out there, but when it comes to this event and Jerry Jones Direct, look, I’ll place all of the credit on the team and the people we have here at Jerry Jones Direct.

As an example, our Production Manager, Sissel Heide, Member Ambassador, Nicole Kurtz, our Design Team lead including JJD-veteran, Brandi Johnson. I could go on and on.

We have an incredible team that has worked together in many cases for decades. We have been through numerous economic cycles together – economic ups and downs. So, we know what works in good times and in tough times, when people have to buckle down.

Which incidentally, our economy is showing signs of overheating. The growth frankly has been too high for too long – and even high growth rates can cause problems!

Banks are starting to get nervous. Real estate lenders are already starting to tighten up their requirements for investors. Big giant institutional investors and big billionaire investors are starting to recognize this. The condition is going to self-correct or, if it doesn’t before then, there’s going to be some outside, unpredictable, rather unusual event that’ll bring the market to its knees yet again. It’ll be a repeat of 2007-2008.

So, during the Dental Success Blueprint, not only will I share with you what to do right now to grow your practice based on our decades of experience and hundreds of offices, to include my own dental office, we can prepare you for undoubtedly what’s coming that no one really wants to talk about, and are happy to ignore it until it’s too late.

Don’t think for a minute when the economy corrects, by the way, that the big DSOs, the big dental support organizations, are going to let their massive investments crumble. They’re just not. You’re really going to see some aggressive and hard-to-match marketing tactics that are focused heavily on price and convenience. And if you are unprepared for that war, you’re likely going to be a victim at a very unfortunate time.

Attending the Dental Success Blueprint removes the uncertainty and replaces it with confidence and know-how when it comes to building a practice, no matter what the economy is doing.

We’re rockin’ it at the Grand Hotel in Salem, Oregon, in the heart of the downtown area.

One of the coolest things about this event is the location. If you’ve never been to Salem or Oregon, you’re in for a treat.

Set amid a park with gardens, the domed Oregon State Capitol contains a collection of art by Oregon artists. The Hallie Ford Museum of Art includes works by Pacific Northwest and Native American artists. The Willamette Heritage Center includes a Victorian wool mill, plus 19th-century homes with period furnishings. The Bush House Museum is an Italianate mansion built in 1878.

The hotel is in a primo spot, in the midst of downtown and close to restaurants, brew pubs, hip bars, and the rich history of Salem, not to mention the hundreds of award-winning, world-renown wineries that dot the landscape from southern Oregon to the northern Willamette Valley. (We’ll likely be visiting one in which I’m part owner, Willamette Valley Vineyards, on Thursday evening.)

All the best “hang time” outside of the hotel is going down inside the hotel restaurant and lobby. So plan to stay at the Grand while you’re here. Reserve quickly so you’re not locked out of the hotel (they do tend to book up every single weekend). Just don’t wait, the rooms fill fast.

Lincoln City, Oregon at Road’s End

Salem is an easy hour-drive from either Portland International Airport, or, from the Eugene Airport.

The Oregon Coast (beaches) and Lincoln City, one of the larger coastal towns, is about an hour away from Downtown Salem. I highly suggest you make time to travel to the coast. It’s an experience unlike any other.

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The Dental Success Event of The Year is Happening September 19-20, 2019

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Meet & Learn From Dental Marketing’s
Top Experts at This Exclusive Event

September 19-20, 2019 in Salem, Oregon

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the 2-day Dental Success Blueprint (DSB) experience?

My consulting rate for 2019 is $15,000 per day (on-location, in Salem) and I do have clients and Members who have in the past and will in the future, ante up. If you want me to come to you, west of the Mississippi, it’s $20,000 per day, plus first-class travel and accommodations. East of the Mississippi, it’s $22,000 plus first-class travel and accommodations.

With JJD’s Dental Success Blueprint, you get me for a mere fraction of that, plus as a tremendously invaluable bonus, you get my incredibly experienced team, too, who, frankly, ought to be priced at no less than $15k/day were I to “lease” them out.

Essentially, you’re splitting the cost of my daily rate of $15,000 five-ways, getting me and my expert team at a tremendous discount. It’s an even better value for you!

Hence, the base tuition is just $2995 which includes one additional attendee at no additional charge. Additional attendees beyond the first are just $299 each.

Keep in mind: Recovering your investment in this event is as easy as applying one new patient attraction strategy I created yet only ONE dentist I know of has ever used (the first time he used it he bagged a $16,000 implant case). Or, just tweaking your hygiene department and integrating SFD (Delta now covers this), tobacco counseling or an A1-C test (coming soon to your state!). I want it to be easy and completely possible for you to recover 10-times your investment in NO time!

Do you offer a Guarantee? (Yes!)

Jerry Jones Direct’s Dental Success Blueprint is GUARANTEED! Here’s how our guarantee works. If you are unhappy with your decision to attend, you are protected three ways:

#1: If by noon on the first day, you feel the JJD’s Dental Success Blueprint is not for you, just say so and you’ll receive a 100% refund on your tuition

#2: Plus, Jerry will donate $100 to your favorite charity in your name

#3: If you fail to add at least 10-times your investment in collections, or more, based on actions taken over the next 6 months, we’ll refund your tuition (a full 12-month guarantee)


What’s included with admission?

Access to Jerry and his team for 2 full days

Continental breakfast both days

Lunch both days, and, of course…

  • The Four Pillars of Successful Practice Marketing & Execution
  • What’s working now to attract new patients in practices all over the US – ONLINE and OFFLINE
  • The Golden Keys of Leadership
  • How to develop your practice’s unique culture, vision, and purpose (Skip this and you’ll stay forever below your potential!)
  • The foundation for and development of a hugely profitable hygiene dept.
  • How to define your ideal patient
  • How to attract the ideal patient
  • How to determine where they live
  • How and what to reach them with, and
  • What we’ve discovered motivates your ideal patient to respond


  • Your fully-customized Dental Success Blueprint
  • How to Implement your Custom Blueprint
  • Access to me and my team for 2 full days
  • Continental breakfast both days
  • Lunch both days
  • And, every primary attendee receives an additional FREE BONUS: A 12-pack of audio CDs from Jerry’s 3-day event, Dental Office:IMPOSSIBLE ($997 value)


Can I bring my spouse, partner or staff member?

You may bring up to three additional team members. One additional attendee is automatically included at no extra charge. Additional attendees are $299 each.

Can I attend just one day?

Dental Success Blueprint (DSB) is designed as a 2-day event. Day 1 builds up to Day 2, and Day 2 builds on Day 1. Day 1 lays the ground work for creating your own Practice Success Blueprint, which we’ll complete on Day 2. Attending for one day is not suggested and would not result in a reduction in your tuition.

Do you have a payment plan?

We offer a payment plan to split your total tuition into 3 easy installments. Just choose what works best for you at checkout – a single payment or installments.

Are meals provided?

Your tuition covers continental breakfast both days and lunch both days. You will be responsible for any other meals.

What is the refund policy?

If you choose to cancel, a full refund will be provided up to 30 days before event date. For cancellations within 30 days of registered event date, Attendee’s registration will be transferred to a future JJD event for no additional fee.

What airport should I fly into?
  • You can fly into Portland/PDX or Eugene/EUG (Car rental required for either airport. Salem is approximately a 1-hour drive from either airport.)
Where can I get more questions answered?

Call 503-339-6000 and ask for Kevin, or, email: info [at] for more info.

Other Questions You Might Have…

What do the days “look” like?

If you want to have an extraordinary business, it takes hard work. I’m not going to sugarcoat it, we work hard. This won’t be a daycare environment. Bring a sweater.

When someone decides to invest in one of our events, we take that very seriously… me and every single member of our team, because, we understand the investment that it takes to move people from one area of the country to another to attend an event. We get it.

You’ll want to plan on starting at 8:00 in the morning. We’re going to wrap up the first day around 5:00 or so and that’s just really one part of the day and then we’re going to have an incredible dinner together that evening and then the next day, we’re going to dive in again at 8:00am.

We go full throttle on the second day until late in the afternoon. So, I tell people when they ask me, “Can I fly home that night?” You could, but it’s best to plan on staying the second night so you have plenty of time to really think about how you’ve transitioned to a new way of looking at your practice/business. You want to have plenty of time to take in your dental marketing blueprint and to take advantage of the strategies you learned.

Plan on staying over that second evening and returning home the following day.

What do you have scheduled for fun? What are the evenings going to be like?

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. It also causes Jack health problems. We’re going to address all of those things the first evening night. I’m an owner in a local winery that’s just a mile or so from my house called Willamette Valley Vineyards. We’re going to go spend some time there. They do a phenomenal job with tours. We’ll sample some wine if you’re a wine drinker. If you’re not, there’s beer. If you’re not a wine or beer drinker, don’t worry, there’s some amazing water here in Oregon. And then we’re going to head out to an amazing dinner with the group, and we’re going to have a lot of fun. It’s always a great evening and one you’ll no doubt have fond memories of.

We’ll wrap up not too late so people will have enough sleep to get the next day started, but it’ll be a blast. Everybody always comments about our first evening because they’re a lot of fun.

What makes you and your team someone a dentist ought to listen to? Why you?

The internet is full of experts, dentists that have turned to marketers and internet geeks and shysters promising the moon to people.

There are a lot of bad eggs out there operating on the Internet and making all sorts of grand promises. As an example, I just picked up the latest issue of DentalTown and Dental Economics.

There are specific things I’m looking for when I go through these magazines, probably not unlike you. I noted four different advertisements.

Two of them were marketing companies and two of them were consulting companies. They were all offering their free book.

The challenge is who do you choose? Who’s “story” do you believe? Well, one or two of those people are worth whatever it is you’re going to pay them. The other one or two, you probably ought to just send your money to a charity somewhere that’s broke.

Here’s the big difference: There’s not a single dental marketing company out there that has, frankly, ever had a real dental practice, forced to produce real profits, as a place where they can test their theories and their concepts.

That’s what I’ve had for the last 15 years while operating Jerry Jones Direct. I’ve owned three offices and inside those practices, we tested, learned, adapted, and literally retested hundreds of marketing pieces to find out what works and what motivates the fearful, those in pain, and those who instinctively knew they needed a dentist to help them but frankly, they didn’t know who to turn to.

As a result, we’ve created marketing pieces for implants, dentures, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontists, and dozens and dozens of new patient marketing strategies. The depth and body of the work created here at Jerry Jones Direct over the last two decades is frankly unmatched.

When it comes right down to it, where should one put their energy, effort, and investment? I mean, someone with no experience or someone who’s been through the full cycle of practice ownership, growth, and management? Which one would you choose?

Not only do we talk the talk here at Jerry Jones Direct, we’ve already walked it and paved the way for your future success.

We’ve got one of the top consultants in dentistry referring his members to us here at JJD and these members are spending a lot of money to get his advice. We take it as a huge compliment that one of the top dental consultants in America sends his customers, his members, to JJD, so we can help them. Other companies just don’t have the background and the depth of experience and the testing. We’ve invested well over 10 million dollars in research over 20+ years.

The name of your event, Dental Success Blueprint, is pretty telling but what else should I know to determine if this is something I need based on where I’m at in my practice and career?

Let’s start first with maybe a little bit of backstory on dentistry and what I’m seeing as a participant and having just recently sold a practice and observing what’s going on in the industry.

Here’s what I can tell you, the business of dentistry and everybody listening probably knows this just from experience, it isn’t getting any easier. In fact, it’s getting increasingly complex.

You and I have been around long enough to know and remember when practices like the ones that I’ve owned, their re-care consisted of like 3×5 note cards literally in a little tiny box on our desk and accounting data was entered in manual handwritten ledger.

I still remember working with docs when AOL introduced mass use of email. Matter of fact, I remember my email address. It was Today, re-care is automated. We’ve got text, emails, you name it. Little birds fly out of your computer and go and get people and bring them back.

It’s crazy how things have changed on the tech side and how the level of automation has increased and now for bookkeeping and those sorts of things, we have these incredible dashboards that are providing instant data analysis. It’s gotten really crazy.

The Dental Success Blueprint event is really unique for a number of reasons. Probably the most significant reason is it’s intentionally small.

You won’t be, when you attend, one of 100 or even 50 in the room. In fact, we can only accommodate 5 primary dentist attendees for this event.

It’s a very intimate event and the level of attention you receive is commensurate with that small intimate setting. You’re looking at getting a ton of attention on your unique challenges which in itself is extraordinary.

Now imagine if you could connect your computer to my brain via USB cable. Imagine over two days getting a virtual download of about two decades of dental marketing and practice ownership and management experience and then distilling that and synthesizing it and getting it literally handed to you on a silver platter.

During the Dental Success Blueprint, I’ll be personally covering what’s working today, right now for our members, to attract new patients, but also importantly, to plug the leaky hole and retain existing patients.

One other thing I want to mention here, actually two other things I want to mention because it’s very timely:

Two New Cutting-Edge Marketing Advantages To Be Introduced!

At this event, we’re also going to be introducing not just one but a number of exciting, new cutting-edge developments in dental marketing today.

The first one is our brand-new Profit Insight® Marketing Analytics. In the last 7 months, it’s revealed shocking information we’ve immediately shared with our Members – it’s given them the confidence they’ve never had before, to make decisions in growing their practice, that before, was pure guesswork.

Imagine having at your fingertips for the first time ever, truly definitive data that reveals true return on investment information; not “I think I made 2:1. I think I made 3:1,” but real, definitive return on investment marketing reports that give you the confidence to make SMART, data-backed decisions to grow your practice!

It’s huge! There’s nothing like this anywhere. Knowing where to invest in

marketing when you know exactly what’s working and how well, takes all the guesswork out of decisions that can easily be wrong or influenced by outside factors not in your best interest!

The second big thing that’s happening: It’s a brand-new development at our event, and another industry-first for JJD, and I’m really proud of this. It’s centered around our Patient Compounding System.

The big idea is that it takes one patient and doesn’t turn it into two but instead, replicates your best patients three, four or more times. Our Patient Compounding System literally plugs that leaking bucket in your practice. All those patients that are leaving your practice now, they’re more apt to stay when we plug our Patient Compounding System in.

What’s more, the Patient Compounding System encourages a culture of referrals among your patients and we all know why that’s important: the best patients are referred patients. (Just check out Dr. Ken Murphy’s results on patient referrals on page 1!)

Finally, for the first time ever in marketing history, our new “add-on” for the Patient Compounding System, which I’ll show you exactly how to leverage, allows you to measure the effectiveness of internal marketing through adjunct or additional existing patient visits and purchases.

This is truly new and groundbreaking! Remember, just 5 practices will be admitted. And, the qualifications are strict. If this event fits you and what you want to accomplish, I suggest applying now.


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