Two very important “skills” I learned early-on in business that were virtual “must-do’s” are exactly what keeps most folks from enjoying even the slightest modicum of success…let alone major success in business and in their personal lives.

The first: Delegation.

Delegation is your ability to quickly, decisively hand-off tasks to others for the benefit of freeing up time for you to focus on more mission-critical tasks. An example of delegation would be having your EFDA apply sealants to teeth when possible to do so. Another might be taking impressions. If you are still taking impressions, you’re getting in the way of your own success by doing tasks that aren’t mission-critical. You can easily delegate the task. (For more in this — becoming your most productive ‘you’, see my Peak Productivity & Time Management Course at

Master Delegators are generally successful people. But, there’s a wrench most throw into the plan, unnecessarily…

The second skill to master: Follow-up.

The better you get at delegating non-mission-critical tasks — those tasks only you can do by law, etc. — the better you must become at following-up with those to whom you’ve delegated. Even though you’ve delegated a task to your employee or fellow operator, it’s still your responsibility to make sure it gets completed — and the way you want it done. Most folks who learn delegation as a skill, quickly realize the follow-up is just as important.

Good luck and get to delegating!