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The JJD Consulting process provides critical building blocks for a successful dental team, practice and doctor. That foundation starts with a simultaneous approach of creating a culture for the practice, understanding the doctor’s vision and goals, establishing office management and outlining the practice’s leaders’ roles and responsibilities to include front and back office leaders.

JJD Consulting allows our doctors to focus on dentistry and take a deep breath knowing that all other areas of the practice are being taken care of by Team Leaders. You’ll have an Office Manager responsible for the team being on board with the new Culture. The Practice Culture Reset that will take place will allow you and your team to reach goals like, an increase in new patients, production, collection, retention, same-day-service, and having a team that happily gives and is expected to give, 100%.

JJD Consulting Members enjoy the following benefits, systems, processes and more:

  • Culture
    • Following/integrating a set Culture becomes a condition of employment. All Team members get on board with growing the practice and pushing/supporting the doctor to grow.
  • Job Descriptions
    • Properly written job descriptions contribute to achieving the mission, vision, and goals of the practice. Job descriptions will help the practice reach the goals that are set. Your Team will know what is expected of them.
  • Office Employee Manual
    • Ends confusion regarding the Office policies set in place.
  • Onboard New Team Members
    • Weekly training schedules outlined for all areas of the practice. Training schedules with check-off lists. The Team will know all systems and protocols. Increases production in the practice by getting everyone on the same page faster.
  • Front Office Systems
    • Front Office Team members trained in all areas to include financial arrangements, insurance, recare, scheduling and other systems implemented and followed. These systems lead to higher treatment acceptance, patient retention, and a controlled, lower A/R.
  • Back Office Systems
    • All back office systems in place to include inventory management and patient management with the Team following them. Leads to higher production and practice growth.
  • Office Manager Systems
    • Office Managers create the Team willing to follow the Culture of the Practice. Must be able to push team in reaching goals. Hiring and firing. Reviewing stats daily with team. Reports to the doctor with critical stats and suggestions. Must know where the practice is in order to reach all goals, and what is needed daily to meet monthly goals.
  • Doctor-Owner Leadership Training
    • To grow professionally and personally, this training is designed to provide leadership skills that will compel the Team to push for higher, more profitable production, while holding the doctor accountable to the Culture. Review stats daily.
  • Team Pre-Assessing Treatment And Pre-Selling Dentistry Diagnosed
    • Your team will be trained to evaluate patients, uncover their needs and use intraoral photos to share problems and educate. Efficiencies gained by the doctor which can lead to same-day treatment. Allows office to produce more per day and reach goals.
  • Same Day Service
    • Team will be trained to identify opportunities to enroll patients for same day service. Production can increase $200.00 to $2000.00+ per day.
  • Telephone Training
    • Team trained on the “Phone Success System” will lead to maximum callers-to-patients conversion. Team members will be trained to get a conversion rate of 65% or higher. A great rate of conversion can make a tremendous difference in the financial results of the practice.
  • New Patient Intake System
    • Your Team will be trained on the New Patient visits, with scripts and more which leads to more treatment accepted and higher patient retention rate.
  • Hand-offs
    • Hand-offs are crucial, they save time, foster a better rapport with patients, help to identify patient goals, scheduling and more. Complete hand-offs positively affect the bottom line.
  • Weekly Meetings For Office Manager And Owner
    • You and your team will be trained to maximize this time together to identify challenges, resolve them and learn the process to set and achieve goals.
  • Weekly meeting with Office Manager and Team Leads
    • You and your office manager will be trained to maximize this time together to identify challenges, resolve them and learn the process to set and achieve goals.
  • Staff Training For Patient Service And Experience
    • You and your Team will engage in training in each department, designed to improve the patient visit and experience. How patients perceive their visit directly impacts retention, production, and collection.
  • Reactivation System
    • Reactivation system in place and a schedule of use created. This system affects retention, production, and collection.
  • End-Of-Year Insurance Protocol
    • End-of-year insurance system in place and a schedule of use created. This will affect year-end production and collection. November and December can be among your most profitable months.
  • Internal Marketing
    • Leverage JJD’s All Referral Practice “concept” by mastering Internal Marketing. Your practice should see 50% of new patients from referrals. These are the best patients an office can get.
  • External Marketing
    • Marketing Blueprint Plan with a budget in place and plan followed. New patients must be coming in to the office and staying with the practice.
  • Team Bonuses and Incentives
    • Your Team will always put in the extra effort if incentivized. A well-crafted and regularly updated bonus system helps push the staff to the next level of building the practice.
  • Tracking Growth and Goals
    • We’ll provide you with spreadsheets used to track new patients scheduled, new patients seen, Same Day Service, production, collection, retention. Office Manager and Doctor will be able to review numbers anytime and see where the office is at in reaching goals.

To learn more, and to see if JJD Consulting would be a good fit for your practice, please fill out the information request below and our Director of Training & Consulting, Lisa Mellick, will be in touch to schedule a 30-minute no-cost evaluation.

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