For the last almost 3 years, I’ve promoted my membership group, ClearPath Society, as, hands-down, the best value in Dentistry for any Dentist wanting to grow their practice via intelligent, proven, and accountable advertising.

While membership continues to grow, I’ve had some interesting feedback from potential members along the way.

Bluntly, they’re dumbfounded that I give away what I do in the form of systems, tools, and ads that work (that I’ve already proven in my own office – they’re vetted solutions to new patient problems).

Now, the good news is, I’m not raising the monthly membership investment of just $97.

I am however, effective March 16th, adding a new member initiation fee of $197.

Why am I doing this?

I’m definitely pouring much of it back into improving the member experience. However, I’m also doing it for another very good reason:

Perceived Value

You see, in marketing, perceived value isn’t just important, it’s virtually everything when it comes down to a new relationship being forged between you and a patient or me and a client.

The perception right now is, “Jerry’s ads and systems must be not be worth very much. He’s only charging $97 a month.”

It’d be the same response if you found out an oral surgeon was doing implants for $500 each.

Unless you knew the whole story, it might sound like he’s not doing what you do and charge $1500 for.

You see, there’s value in understanding and knowing (then acting) on what people perceive to be value.

So, I’m changing the perception of the marketplace by adjusting the barrier of entry from just the first month’s dues is all that’s required to join, to adding an initiation fee of $197 in addition to the first month’s dues.

That said, if you’re not a member and you want to join and NOT have to pony up the very worthwhile $197 initiation fee (that’s not even HALF of what I’ve sold my Patient Reactivation System for – $897), then now’s the time to act, and you only have a few more days.

Here’s the link:

Paypal is no longer necessary. Any debit or credit card will work just fine. And, signup is seamless and simple. I’ll be notified by email, a phone call and then a carrier pigeon will show up. From there, Melody will FedEx you, the next day, a large box of your $12,500+ in real bonuses, including the most recent FSI (free standing insert) that has now generated more than 50 new patients in the last 9 days for the office here in Salem.

Hurry…The $197 new member initiation fee begins on March 16th. Act now to beat the deadline and save yourself $197.

And, quite frankly, at some point mid-summer, I can see the $97 monthly membership investment increasing to $129 per month. So, don’t wait. Once you join, you’re locked into that price point forever. No matter what.