In today’s post, you’ll be able to eavesdrop on a free training done just a couple weeks ago, when I held an open call-in evening with a couple of ClearPath Society®’s most successful Members, Drs. Sean Tarpenning, John Busby and others who joined us throughout the training.

We had dentists from all over the US dial in, present questions and receive smart answers based on years of experience from our incredible group comprising the Brain Trust.

It’s now available below for your listening pleasure. Just click on the sideways triangle and the call will start. It lasted over an hour…So don’t short change yourself and miss out.


If you have any questions about ClearPath Society®, what exactly it is, if it’s right for you and what Membership is all about, visit for more information. Or, call and speak to one of our Member Ambassadors. You can reach them at: 503-339-6000. Ask for Brian, Jack or Kevin.