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Special Offer for Current Members in Good Standing

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For ClearPath Society® Members with Multiple Locations or Multiple Doctors,
Or, Desire To Have One or Both

Because, nothing else in Dentistry has this kind of potential to increase Your income


Upgrade to Gold

Dear Friend & Member,

I chose, for whatever reason, for years, to ignore until recently, what I knew to be true: The most successful and wealthy ClearPath Society® Members share one major commonality:

They are not solo practitioners.

In fact, they either have associates or genuine partners working for and with them, and/or, they have multiple practice locations … and not small satellite operations which function 1 or 2 days per week (that’s an excellent strategy to drain a bank account and stress out a dentist if I ever saw one).

And, what’s even more interesting and important: for the last 6+ years, they have been growing their practices in this recession, not remaining stagnant or, worse, shrinking. Their profits are up. Their net incomes up and through the roof. In particular cases I am intimately familiar with, their incomes have EXPLODED!

[su_highlight background=”#fff” color=”#DAA520″ class=”blue-handwritten”]The wealthy in the world have figured one thing out:[/su_highlight]

You get rich by helping others get what they want as fast as possible with as few hiccups as possible along the way.

One way for us to apply that theory in dentistry: Know and use the Systems others use to get filthy stinking, smelly rich by operating more than one office and/or partners or associates. In other words, having competent partners working for and with you in the profession of dentistry. It’s exactly what I do at Wellness Springs Dental®. And, it’s exactly where retirement income flows for many, many very smart dentists, including several of my Members…
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Richest dentist in America?

I’m not sure who the richest dentist in America is, having made all their money from dentistry (and not some other method), but I’d bet Dr. Rick Kushner is certainly up there (Comfort Dental Franchise – see info to right). Have you ever wondered why Dr. Rick Kushner has doctors, newly minted and experienced, alike, seeking him out to open an office or convert an existing office over to his Comfort Dental® franchise?

Have you ever wondered how Rick’s been able to pay cash for one of the most expensive luxury cars in the world?

[su_quote class=”float-right-quote”]According to, “Comfort dental has over 1.5 million patients, and is the largest dental franchise in America with 78 franchise offices and 286 partner dentists in Colorado, New Mexico, Ohio, Missuori, Kentucky and Texas, and coming soon to Kansas and Arizona. Every office is independently owned by the dentists.”[/su_quote]

(Most dentists and professionals stupidly finance new vehicles vs. paying cash for a used one…after all, cars are the most heavily depreciating asset we can finance.)

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  • Do dentists seek him out because they just like him? Is it because they want a piece of a mascot named “Toothy?”
  • Or, is it because they want to be part of a group practice? Oh, I know, so they can be in commercials and on TV?
  • Or, do you think it’s because Rick is a kind-hearted, very approachable guy?


(Personally, I don’t know, but I have met him, briefly, many years ago in Keystone, CO. I’ve also admired his business acumen for years and his straight-forward, no bullshit approach. I recall, vividly, the butt-chewing he gave my old boss nearly 20 years ago, and boy, I bet it’s not something he has forgotten, either!)

Frankly, his personality doesn’t matter. Neither does Toothy.

No, it’s about


Upgrade to Gold
Like him or not, know him or not, you have to respect his abilities and his track record of 78 franchise locations…that’s no easy task. In fact, it’s an admirable achievement in my eyes. (If you’ve been in dentistry less than 10 years, his name might not ring a bell…but for those around 10+, you likely know Rick or know of him…Think: Simple Truth In the Plain Brown Wrapper newsletter – I’ve got all of his back issues and you should have them, too.)

Doc, can I ask you a question?

What profession do you know better than any other?

If you answered ‘Dentistry,’ then I’d have to agree.

I mean, how many hours, days, weeks, even months of CE have you sat through? Shouldn’t you leverage what you know into a far more profitable business model? If you were to only adopt the “1 practice multi-doctor partner or associate model” the right way, you could, in a matter of 60 days, increase your income $2500, $5000, $10,000 or more, per month, all while mitigating your exposure or risk. As I advised one new ClearPath Society® Member recently, this strategy can quickly get you caught back up and on track to save for retirement. What else can you do to generate this kind of income without having to do more treatment?
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Ask yourself:

What profession should you apply your experience and knowledge, and where will it be easiest for you to expand your business empire doing what you know so well, you could recite them if awoken from dead sleep?
What profession have you trained your entire adult life for?

Dentistry, right?


Why not get paid more for doing the same thing you already know how to do?
You do deserve that.

So, you might be wondering, or thinking, “Jerry, Who’s this ‘upgrade’ for, really?”

Bluntly, it’s only for doctors (or entrepreneurs) who are not hung up on the fact that “quality of dentistry” can only come from them. That’s hurdle #1. Then, once over that, you have to want, more than any other thing in business, to have a large group practice, or, a large practice duplicated over and over again. (FACT: There’s little “real” money to be made in small, 2 or 3 op part-time “satellite” offices, and the risks are, when done right, no greater in larger operations than in small. So, why not go where the big money is? Further, why not own 2 or 3 6 op offices?)

If you hired one consultant/dentist I’m familiar with to help you go from solo practice to multi-doctor or multi-location, you’d be looking at an upfront base fee of $15,800 plus a percentage of the profits for the first two years (I’ve heard 4% of gross – similar to a franchise fee). I also know that his success rate is pretty darn solid. It’s not perfect, but neither are clients or patients as we’ve all found, huh?

[su_box title=”Let’s look at it another way:” box_color=”#024ac1″ radius=”0″]What would you trade in order to experience a 20% to 100% increase (or more) in your personal spend-able take-home income? Would you write a $15,800 check to receive $5,000 or $10,000 or more per month? I know I would and my next question would be, “How many $15,800 checks can I write?”[/su_box]

“Jerry, What’s This Gonna Cost Me?”

Before I share that part with you (and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised considering what the content, strategies and expanded access to me could mean to your income – as in a massive shift in 60 days or 6 months – your choice), in July 2015, Silver ClearPath Society® Member dues increased to $549 per month, plus the $197 initiation fee for new Members. I tell you that because…

The upgrade fee to GOLD for Members, to include Silver Membership, is just $997 per month.

Upgrade to Gold

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For the time being I’m waiving the $197 initiation fee for existing Members who wish to upgrade. Bottom Line, if you join now you’ll be locked in at no more than $997/month.


The Yin & Yang

Like any Membership, ClearPath Society® Silver level inclusive, you’ll get out of it what you’re willing to invest into it. If you decide to give it a half-assed effort (as my dad would tell me when I was a kid), you’ll get just this side of “worse than half-assed results.” In fact, it’ll probably cause you emotional grief…not that the $997 a month is a big deal, but, I don’t want to be a cause of any frustration if that’s going to be a factor. Look, if you go all out and utilize me and the other Members as a resource, then there’s no reason why you can’t have multiple doctors, multiple offices working for you, when you are not. And, more importantly, when you decide you don’t want to work anymore.

Change Can Take 60 days or 6 Months

Time’s a commodity and we’re all issued the same 24 hours in a day. Failure to capitalize on all 24 hours in some fashion can only be blamed on the guy/gal wasting it and failing to invest it. I know docs that work 4 to 6 hours chairside, spend 20 to 30 hours “managing” their practices, that are making more than the guy who’s busting his proverbial butt for half the money sitting chairside for 30+ hours. If you’re happy with working harder for less…

Making a major change in your current business model will take time and effort. Anyone telling you otherwise is a fool and a charlatan. Depending on your ability and focus on implementing change, it could take you 60 days or 6 months. It’s up to you and depends upon your ultimate goal or outcome desired.


This isn’t for everyone. Nor will it work for everyone. For the guy content with where he’s at, don’t upset the applecart. Don’t ruin what you have to head down a path that just isn’t you. If you know what you are and what you’re good at, then, I have the greatest, utmost respect for you and I’d not encourage you to join. Like I said, I don’t expect everyone to jump on this. However…

…You’re Already Getting The WORST Possible ROI

ONLY upgrade to ClearPath Society® GOLD if you are or have an interest in running/operating multiple offices or enjoying the huge benefit of multiple doctors. I know for almost absolute certainty that 95% of the dental offices in the US are sitting vacant 2 to 4 days per week. That is a terrible return on invested capital or a monthly lease investment. In fact, it’s criminal.

Upgrade to Gold

If you were investing in a stock and found out the CEO and COO were committing a sin such as this, how long would you leave that money sitting with that company, ready to have them squander it?

Most dentists continue to have a high vacancy/low occupancy rate in their own office, of their own volition, essentially marking it as acceptable by their unwillingness to change. Me, I’m in the middle of changing the work days and hours at Wellness Springs Dental® to accommodate a 5th doctor. There’s easily 12 hours in every weekday and some Saturdays that someone needs dentistry and some dentist wants to work. Couple that opportunity with new doctors, experience or “semi-retired/bored” dentists, you have opportunity to get paid while home in your underwear. I like that.
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Bottom Line!

If your office is not staffed and running 12 hours/day, 5 to 6 days per week,

you’re leaving money on the table.


If you’d like to tap into just these two opportunities alone,

I’ll show you how and this upgrade will be worth its weight in gold.

If you have a hidden or overt desire to have a chain of offices, 2, 4, 6, 10, or 50,

this is something you must consider.

Please understand, THERE WILL BE Limited Membership in ClearPath Society® GOLD. I’ll accept just 30 primary doctors at this time, at the no-initiation fee & $997 membership rate…and, over 100 Members are receiving this invitation. I do not anticipate this changing due to my time commitments. As Wellness Springs Dental®, increases in size and number of doctors I am working with on-site, I simply won’t have time to devote. The Membership, unlike ClearPath Society® Silver Membership, will be capped at no more than 50 doctors, ever. And, those of you that know me well enough know I won’t waver.

Upgrade to Gold

“The Thrust Behind The Upgrade…”

Wellness Springs Dental®, Inc. is going through a fantastic re-birthing process. We’re expanding, seeing over 100 new patients each month on average so far this year, and we will continue to increase that to my goal of a 150 NP/month average without a “physical plant” change. Virtually every month since Aug 2010 has been a record-breaker of some kind and I don’t plan on stopping. Once this office reaches its true and full potential, we’ll be looking regionally to grow, and you’ll have a front row seat as the Wellness Springs Dental® franchise system grows.

I’d like to take you along on this ride, sharing what I learn, both the easy way and hard way.

Here’s How You’ll Shortcut the B.S.,
Avoid Pitfalls, Get the Truth AND a FAT Wallet

I transmit my experiences, my thoughts, my Systems created primarily via the written word, ala a regularly published Newsletter (the frequency is every 45 to 60 days).

NEW: There will be personal, 20-minute, 1:1 phone calls available by advanced scheduling. I’ll also be creating and sending Special Insights/Reports as they become available.

And, probably most useful, 1-time per year, I’ll be conducting a 2-day meeting in Salem to mastermind and allow you to monitor progress of my practice (so you can see 1st hand what a non-dentist/businessman is doing to grow a practice, add doctors, staff, and ultimately, locations), what I’m screwing up, what I’m doing right and what the homeruns are. The meetings will be mid-summer so plan on a 1-week vacation and experience the beach, the high desert, the Cascades, Portland, Seattle, Crater Lake (deepest freshwater and most amazing lake in all of the US).

Basically, I’ll open my door to you, invite you in, and you get first-hand view of what I’m doing, why and the results. You’re simply left to adjust/edit, emulate and implement. It’s the ultimate success formula. It’s like ClearPath Society® Silver on steroids.

But wait! Of course, there’s more! I’ve retained my long-time friend, a highly-experienced and intelligent, now-retired COO of a $500-million company. If I hired him straight out of the marketplace, his salary would start at no less than $500k a year plus hefty bonuses.

Got an operations, finance (no matter how “heady), or “How do I create a plan to…?” question, you’ll get a straight, experienced, no B.S. answer from my partner, Tom.

Tom’s been working with me over the last 6 or 7 years and we’ve been through a lot together. There is no other human I trust more than him.

I mean, where else can you tap into this variety and type of experience and store of knowledge?

If your plans call for, or now call for, a multi-doctor or multi-location business plan, I can’t emphasize enough the value in just knowing…

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  • How to pick partners and associate dentists.
  • The #1 reason why Associates fail and how to avoid it.
  • Why you should max out one location before ever considering opening a 2nd location.
  • How to recruit your next partner or associate easily and for $500 a day (Or, how to get a superstar, pay them even more and make even more!)
  • What partners and associates need to “see” from you to get “buy-in” and commit.
  • The one MAJOR skill you must master (or know who to call to get it done).
  • What your legal agreements should look like and what key components they should contain.
  • Your Exit Strategy: The importance and how to structure one with multiple options.
  • And, much, more


Upgrade to Gold

I’ve seen former clients get into enormously painful financial messes from expanding too quickly or not thoroughly tying up one office and securing its success before opening another. I don’t want that to happen to you. I almost made that very significant mistake recently. Luckily for me, sound counsel and critical thinking along with advice from a voice of experience helped me avoid it. It was easily a $225,000 mistake.

For less than a grand a month (half the price of what you’d pay me to create a SINGLE ad), you can begin to solidify your long-range plans and join me and other like-minds on a journey to dental domination in your market. There are no long-term commitments, you can revert back to Silver at any time, but I’d highly recommend and encourage you to stick around at least 12 months – even if it’s not time now, you’ll want this limited availability information for future reference…and you won’t pick it up anywhere else for less than $15,800, of that I am almost certain.

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Make your decision today. If it’s right for you, upgrade to GOLD and let’s get started. Just click on Upgrade to Gold below and we’ll get you all set up.


Upgrade to Gold




[su_note note_color=”#fcfcde” text_color=”#9c9253″]P.S. You know better than me, instinctively if this is for you, or not. If it is, let’s get started! If it’s not, that’s OK. Stay the course. But, do keep your eyes and ears open for opportunity. You never know when or why things will change. My philosophy is that if you aren’t looking and seeking opportunity, it will rarely if ever present itself. Good luck and I hope to see your Membership Upgrade to GOLD!

P.S. #2  From Dr. Sean Tarpenning, Eau Claire, WI, the very first to upgrade from Silver to Gold (and WI’s #1 Invisalign® provider): “Jerry, I’m not sure if we are brothers from a different mother or what…but I love your stuff. Just got your newsletters today…can’t wait to read it. THANK YOU!”[/su_note]