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Dear Friend,

Let me take all the risk. I’ll front all the information, tools, strategies and techniques, including the rights for you to use the very same ad I created for one of my private clients and ClearPath® Members, Dr. Sean, which he has used to propel his Invisalign® practice-within-a-practice to over six-figures each month! (His office is the #1 Invisalign® provider in his state!)

 But, that’s not all… 

In 2010, during the ugly after-math of an economic calamity, the 3-doctor office I started and to this day, manage here in Salem, was up 21.65% in collections over 2009. And, 2009 was 25.3% over 2008. In 2012, collections ended up 53.4% over 2011. In 2013, we ended our year up yet again, increasing our money-in-the-bank deposits by 11% over 2012! (while slicing overhead by 8%!). In the  last three years, we’ve continued to increase our net income by over a huge margin!

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Doctor, I’m going to hand you the exact information I have used to take from-scratch practices to millions in production, to help existing offices go from $500,000 a year offices to $1,000,000 PLUS, even during a recession.

Can I do that? Will you accept the information you need to help achieve your goals and realize the full potential of your practice?

The best part is, you’ll pay nowhere near
what others have paid for the very same ads and strategies.
One of my clients in Michigan, in his recent email to me, while surrounding offices are closing their doors, doctors filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy, his two offices had a record year. (He used one of my easy-to-follow, turn-key Systems to generate huge amounts of free press in his area and profited like a mad man from it! I’m going to give THIS System to you, too!)

Profiting from my information is a brain-dead easy 3-step process:
1) Pick the strategy(ies) you like;
2) Implement; and,
3) Make sure your front office is standing by to field the calls! It’s that easy.

Then, IF FOR ANY REASON, you think my material, my “in-practice & proven” strategies I use at Wellness Springs Dental of Salem and in hundreds of other practices around the US, Canada, England and Australia, to increase your income, decrease your overhead and simplify your practice is not for you, just say “STOP” and I’ll refund* up to 3-times your membership!

For the next 30 days, I’ve re-opened membership in my ClearPath® Society and I’d like to invite you “in.”
What’s more, I’d like to offer you a truly NO-RISK 90-day trial period.

Check out what a few Members have had to say
about their experience with my ClearPath® Society…
I recently joined ClearPath® Society after reading Jerry’s information via his email newsletter for several months and asking him a number of different questions about marketing, what he was doing, what was working for other dentists in my area. He was always prompt to answer my emails, and, even spoke to me on the phone when I called with additional questions. As I told Jerry, I’m not much of a ‘joiner’ of Societies, but after getting comfortable with what Jerry was doing, what he was asking of his ClearPath® Society Members, how he delivered value, I knew I’d be a good fit and be able to really make this work. I’m excited about the future of my practice.
Gigi Huynh, DDSConcord, CA
Jerry…the reactivation campaign went pretty well…We had just under 200 patients on our list to reactivate. I think we recaptured about 10, but it more than paid for itself. One patient alone has already done over $5,000 in treatment.
Dr. Carleigh PraneO'Fallon, IL
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* I have no idea if the results above are typical or not, because of the newness of this program. As of this writing, I have had no negative feedback from any member. If you are at all hesitant about investing $ to grow your practice using ideas from me and/or other members, please, do not apply. If you feel like I am trying to scam you and “get your money,” then please, don’t apply. If you think the strategies I create and use and many other members use will not work for you, please don’t apply. If you have a hard time believing you can or should be successful, please don’t apply. If you are concerned these testimonials are fraudulent, contact me and I will fwd you the exact emails from each of the folks above. I did not make these up, have no need to, did not ask for them and if you believe to the contrary, don’t apply for membership. I have no need for deception in my business to grow it or make it profitable. ~Jerry

It’s even better than FREE!

You see, I have a large FedEx box reserved Just For YOU, sitting here in my office. All I have to do is affix a label and it’s yours, on its way to you.

Here’s what’s inside, including these NEVER BEFORE RELEASED BONUSES for NEW ClearPath Society® Members…
(the first 4 bonuses are BRAND-NEW!)
FREE Productive Professional Referral Strategies (a 16-page Special Strategy Report for new ClearPath® Society Members. A $99 value)

FREE 8-page Candid Q&A Session about the state of our current economy – How YOU can decide whether it affects you or not! ($69 value)

FREE Audio CD, No B.S. Marketing to the Affluent, a teleseminar recently conducted by best-selling author, Dan Kennedy, on one of his newest best-selling books, No B.S. Marketing to the Affluent. ($39 value)

FREE: The First FOUR DENTAL PRACTICE MARKETING ADVISORY LETTER issues, unavailable anywhere else for any price! (A 4-issue, short-run practice marketing newsletter published by me featuring Dan S. Kennedy as chief contributor)
And of course, these classic ClearPath Society® New Member Bonuses:
The Unfair Advantage Patient Reactivation System (sold separately for $897 at

Peak Productivity System (Sold separately for $497) I use these techniques to jam 8 hours of top-notch work into half that time, every day. You can, too. This invaluable system can literally CHANGE your work habits and your effectiveness as a business owner, overnight!

THE $150,000+ $198,000 $255,000+ production ad (this ad added over $150,000 $198,000 $255,000 in production at Wellness Springs Dental of Salem and tens of thousands for other Members’ offices, nationwide!)

65+(!) back issues of my exclusive & revered Practice Profit Insider™ newsletter, plus, each month, you’ll receive the latest issue (Many Members believe this to be the most valuable part of Membership)

Full-page and half-page newspaper ads that’ll pull patients in to your office, like MAGIC. One recently pulled in 21 new patients at a cost of less than $50 each (Created for a client for $1995 each, an almost $4,000 value!)

EZ Patient Financing System – If you carry ANY balance of ANY amount for your patients, you’re in the financing business. This system eliminates the guesswork, uncertainty and vastly improves your ability to collect what you produce. ($197 value)

The Best-Selling “How to Get Free Press” System is also included. Implement this $199.00 value bonus and enjoy the HUGE benefits of free patients, positive community relations and much more! (I use this very simple approach several times each year and enjoy a nice 15 to 50 new pts each time we put it to use!)

Website & Internet Advertising De-Mystified. Every week, Wellness Springs Dental (WSD) of Salem and other offices around the US, are seeing 2 to 5 (or more – it’s easily scalable!) new patients every week from this technique. It’s explained in great detail in 2 of my most recent issues. PLUS… you’ll get access to “My Guy” – an SEO wizard that took our WSD of Salem website from #71 locally ranked organic to #1 organic in just 65 days! I could hardly believe what I saw…AND, the first week it was there, we landed 5 new patients! (5 NPs @ $1500 = $7500 in value in just the first week!)
Clearpath New Member Bonuses A Few of the bonuses you’ll receive as a new member

Plus, you’ll also receive the ONLY publication available or even in print on FSIs (Free Standing Inserts), which includes how to use them profitably in your practice to drive 15 to 50 new patients thru your doors each month using this incredible, low-cost advertising medium (this information is not available Anywhere else!)

Meet personally, with me, one time each year, at our annual Mastermind Roundtable meeting (to be held in Phoenix or other warm-weather location during early February, where 20 members will spend 16 full hours strategizing, brainstorming and sharing – including one member sharing how he has built an $70,000+ per week Invisalign® business out of just one operatory! Another member runs two offices, 7 total doctors and multiple millions in production and collection, revealing his fast-growth secrets!)

How To Get More New Invisalign or Implant Patients: Use these two FSIs…Which, a license to use is yours, FREE with membership (Each has generated a TON of income from implant and clear braces patients!)

My brand-new, just introduced Jerry Jones Direct’s Phone Success System…because, no dental office can operate at peak efficiency and peak effectiveness & profitability without highly-skilled front desk team members fully-trained to turn a “shopper” into a patient and a single phone call into multiple new patients! I invested over $15,000 developing this new System (just released) which includes…LIFETIME COACHING, LIVE, every month for the entire team! This alone will sell as a stand-alone product for $2995. It’s yours, FREE as a Member…

– And, so much, more – all included in your new ClearPath Society® Member Bonus Package!

I know this is a lot of information to process all at once, but believe me when I tell you there is no other “source” anywhere with this information, packaged in this fashion, created specifically to generate fast profits and growth.

You might be wondering why I would give away over $70,000 in resources I have personally created to help my own office grow as well as my clients, dentists like yourself, grow their practices?

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Simple. A major goal I’ve set for myself is to increase the size of my ClearPath® Society Membership by 100 members annually. That’s no easy task.

To do that, I have to promote it, aggressively and continue to offer an incredible value for my existing Members. You see, if I am going to promote something, I want you to be so convinced of the value, you’d be absolutely crazy to pass it up!

That is exactly why I am making this very generous offer to join my ClearPath® Society with an amazing guarantee, and all for only $597 per month. Yes, it’s just $597 each month and thereafter only if you like it and choose to continue…(Along with you first month’s dues, there is a small $197 initiation fee. Your current dues will be locked in forever. They’ll never increase.)

If you like what you see, and more importantly, if you profit from what you implement, and learn, then, you can decide to continue with membership, or not. You’re always in the driver’s seat. I’ll even give you a full 90 days to experience these bonuses, and more, from the comfort and convenience of your own office.

Your 100% No-Lose Satisfaction Guarantee

 * If for ANY reason at all, you wish to cancel, anytime in your first 90 days, just fax me a note that says, STOP, and I’ll immediately issue you a complete refund of every single dollar you invested in membership. Including your $197 initiation fee. Simply return all the materials you receive, and a prompt, courteous, no-hassles refund will be issued to you immediately

What’s more, I’ll DOUBLE your refund any time during the first 90-days if you can show me simple proof of using one strategy I share that failed to recoup your monthly membership by at least THREE-times!

I’m extremely confident you’ll find a veritable treasure trove of ideas, techniques, including actual, real, proven marketing and advertising pieces, guaranteed to drive new patients into your practice.

What do you have to lose?
I know you have options; don’t get me wrong, I mean I’m more than happy to work in a private client relationship with you. However, my hourly consulting and copywriting rate is prohibitive for many at $1200+ an hour. Nonetheless, many of my existing members opt for private client status and are thrilled to pay, but it’s only for one reason: My work produces new patients and more importantly, profits.

If you into some of the top dental marketing and advertising companies, you’ll pay for design, copywriting (which isn’t proven and done by someone with little if any experience writing successful direct response copy for dentists – there are very few proficient at this skill), printing, mailing and postage, be stuck on a long-term contract and pay out the nose… perhaps only to find the results less than impressive. And, there’s a chance they won’t be even remotely encouraging. I know. I’ve used some of those folks to see just what they do and how well they do it. SOME of them are good. Some, well, they leave a bit to be desired, and still others, well, the fact they’re no longer around speaks volumes.

As a member of my ClearPath® Society, you’ll ONLY get information that I have personally vetted in the dental office I manage. It’s not theory. It’s not hot-air B.S. It’s the real “McCoy”, and it works.

No one in dentistry has gone to the expense and sophistication I have in the last 20+ years; having opened 3 dental offices, working 1:1 with some of America’s most successful dental practice owners and dentists, and boasting a client list of the top multi-location, multiple-doctor owner/ operators who constantly seek, use and provide feedback on my information, advice, tools and strategies.

Hey, I know that you’ve seen better results from others but I’m still very happy. 10 patients from the reactivation campaign in the first week. 5 patients following your Facebook advice in the ClearPath Society® newsletter in two weeks. So 15 ‘butts in chairs’ that wouldn’t have been there. Thanks and I know it will grow. Lookin’ forward to your next newsletter! – long-time client
Lew Richardson, DDSSalinas, CA
I recently joined ClearPath® Society after reading Jerry’s information via his email newsletter for several months and asking him a number of different questions about marketing, what he was doing, what was working for other dentists in my area. He was always prompt to answer my emails, and, even spoke to me on the phone when I called with additional questions. As I told Jerry, I’m not much of a ‘joiner’ of Societies, but after getting comfortable with what Jerry was doing, what he was asking of his ClearPath® Society Members, how he delivered value, I knew I’d be a good fit and be able to really make this work. I’m excited about the future of my practice.
Gigi Huynh, DDSConcord, CA
I’d like to invite you inside my “Inner Circle” if you will, to experience what’s making other dentists wildly successful in even the most trying of economic times.

The price of admission? A bargain: Only $597 per month. And, don’t forget, my iron-clad, 100% MUST-BE-THRILLED Guarantee: If you’re not happy, I’m not, and I’ll refund up to 3-times your Membership Investment in the first 90 Days! Just say so, show me simple proof of your implementation of ONE strategy and I’ll gladly PAY YOU up to 3-times your first 90 days’ Membership investment. How much more fair could I be? YOU HAVE VIRTUALLY NO RISK!

It’s really easy to join and see if ClearPath Society® Membership is for you. All you need to do is click below:

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to go to the Registration Page. Or, you can call in your information, too: 503-339-6000. It really is that simple.

Upon acceptance, I’ll rush ALL of your FREE Bonuses to you via FedEx, in a large box (Over $70,000 worth of my ads, Systems, and much, much more!). Dig through it. Pour over it. Analyze. Implement. Profit. Be my newest Member in ClearPath Society®. I look forward to welcoming you aboard.

Enjoy profit and production growth like never before!

Many of my clients worldwide continue to have record years. Why not join us? You have nothing to lose and prosperity to gain!

Now, just take the next simple step; click here to sign up, and you’ll be on your way to Dentistry’s best bang-for-the-buck investment there is. I GUARANTEE IT. Period.

My very best,
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Jerry A. Jones
the business anarchist

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P.S. Be one of the first FOUR new Members to respond, and I’ll send you an additional FREE gift, a book titled, “Making Them Believe,” an intriguing, thought-provoking book I was asked to preview an advance copy of, (subsequently purchasing a copy for EVERY one of my ClearPath® Members) which will have your head spinning with Expert Positioning Strategies for your practice, and more. Hurry. Only the first FOUR will receive this special FREE bonus!

P.S. #2 My recently published book, “24 Common Mistakes Doctors Make…” which is available at, will also be included as a FREE Additional Bonus, as will three other of my most recent books. Together, these 4 books sell for $9.95 each or more plus shipping! They’re also yours FREE when you join ClearPath Society®, today!

Don’t be afraid to Generate New Dental Patients on a massive scale.

Or, call-in your request to: 503-339-6000

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