I tuned in late to the last episode of Celebrity Apprentice, but I’ve gotta chime in on this. The Donald’s pinhead seated next to him in the Boardroom had it all wrong about a discussion recently about ads…

The challenge for the teams was to create an ad for the company, LifeLock. Specifically, an advertorial-type ad, MY kind of ad. So, the idea is, to create an ad that “looks” like an editorial piece, hence the name, advertorial.

You with me so far?

Here’s the men’s advertorial. Click here.

Here’s the women’s advertorial. Click here.

Michael Johnson, Olympic sprinter/Gold Medalist, was the project manager for the men. If memory serves, Olympic swimmer, Summer Sanders, was the women’s PM.

An epic battle of two Olympians, who’s outcome was influenced by one pinhead.

The men clearly hit the nail on the head. The women’s advertorial – a glamorized brochure with few words and zero compelling copy. Typical “Madison Avenue” crap. Image-based branding.

What struck me, was Trump’s response saying, “I knew you guys had lost after I saw the women’s.”

He even remarked: “That’s a lot of words.” Like he was scared of it. Scared to read it all. And, this from a man that claims to read the New York Daily Newspapers in the morning everyday. Hmm. He didn’t want or desire to “read all of it” because a guy like Trump is not their intended target, so of course he had no interest in reading it.

Look, Donald’s not an ad guy. He has an opinion. So does his pinhead. (Maybe I should say meathead since he’s about my size.) That’s ALL they are. Opinions. Donald pays people to tell him the results of his ad campaigns, and doubtful if he or anyone at his office has ever held any advertising accountable. To them: it’s branding. To you and I: the ad’s gotta pay for itself to merit consideration! We live by our ability to create an ad that moves merchandise or services. If it doesn’t sell, I don’t get paid.

So look, here’s the deal. Michael Johnson was right. The men won. LifeLock, well, too bad for them. They went with the “advertorial” from the women which was all about branding and Sharon Osbourn. Wooppee.

With all due respect to Sharon. I like her spunk. And, heck, I like ALL of these guys. I just think Donald was wrong and just fueled the debate in advertising that white space sells. My only question: How can it?

I wrote extensively on this topic in particular in my newsletter, Practice Profit Insider, this month. Perhaps that will be my next post. I do have to get back to Marketing In the Big City Post, too. That will dovetail nicely I think.

Adios. May all your ads be winners.