Blago (I mean, Blog) Topic for Today…”Let it GO, Dammit!”

I’m trying out a couple of things today. First, mentioning a trending “topic” (former Gov. Rod Blagojevich) in my headline of the blog post to see what kind of outside my “sphere” or world, traffic it generates. Second, I want to share an experience I had yesterday. It’s one I’ve had before, but n’er have […]

Phone calls – Lifeblood of your practice

You might think I’m being a bit over-the-top here. I’m not. Let me explain: if your phone isn’t handled properly, you’re losing business. Take yesterday for instance. I called a large chunk of my clients’ offices. Some of the staff did very well handling my call. Others, I could tell I was not a priority […]

REVEALED: Dentistry’s New Truth Teller

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I have a very exciting, very big announcement for you today. For those of you who’ve been around my writing and/or a client, you’ll recognize what’s up. For almost 15 years, I have worked inside the dental “niche.” First, as a newsletter editor for a dental/financial newsletter. Then, later, […]