Audio Interview: Dr. Kelly Brown on the Implant Blueprint Seminar

A few weeks back, I posted an audio of an interview with one of my ClearPath Society Gold Members, Dr. Sean Tarpenning, where he revealed how his practice has changed after implementing Dr. Scott Westermeier’s Implant Blueprint System. You can access that recording here on my website in the previous post. Just today, I recorded […]

Focus on This to Get Extraordinary Results

Focus on the mundane and ordinary in business to create an extraordinary business. Let me explain with an example… In most businesses – for our purposes here, dental practices – getting a business owner to talk about something as unexciting and un-sexy as their voicemail recording or how their phones are answered, would be like, […]

Diagnose, waffle and walk. Is this YOU?

Do you know what keeps most dentists from being wildly successful? They never ASK their patients, “Do you want to fix that today?” Instead, they diagnose, waffle and walk. If you want to see an immediate JUMP in case completion (screw case acceptance — that, on the surface isn’t what you’re after — it’s case […]

Why You Should See Young Patients

I had a doctor tell me earlier this week he saw no need to see younger patients in his office since so much of what he does is adult dentistry and very little pedo. This kind of narrow thinking can cost you in more than one way. I encourage my clients to see children as […]

Jerry, I’m sinking money into marketing clear braces…and it’s not working

Not too long ago, I long-time client sent me a note. He was frustrated with his office’s performance on selling clear braces to his pts. No one was accepting treatment. Without being IN the office, I can only make a few suggestions that relate to the “process” and how pts are handled that inquire about […]

Bonuses – Team, Office?

Whether to offer an office-wide bonus program or not is a topic that comes up quite often in 1:1 consultations with dentists. What I’ve noticed is most WANT to offer a bonus plan, they just are unsure where to start. My goal for this short article is to plant a few ideas and thoughts I […]

It’s Now Available – 24 Common Mistakes Doctors Make

Read it now before you make the mistakes I’ve already made! You can order my latest book, here, from Some mistakes in business offer an owner the chance for growth. Other, more critical mistakes can erase decades of careful planning and hard work. It’s these high-cost errors author and practice management expert, Jerry […]

What we need more of here in America

Home Grown Capitalism. My oldest daughter is studying different ways to calculate profit and losses, goods’ costs, etc. It’s sparked her interest in what her dad does. Business. And, Marketing. As you can imagine, I’m pretty excited about her train of thought and the fact she’s interested in how the basic side of finance works […]

the ‘Art’ of the Referral

Coming in December, for ClearPath members, I will be committing a large part of my newsletter content to this very topic, the Art of the Referral. Why? Yesterday, after switching from one insurance co. to another (From Farmers to State Farm), recently, I noted the “intake” process my new agents used. It was brilliant – […]

Simple Selling

I ran across this article from 2006 I wrote. It’s AS pertinent today, especially given the more difficult selling environments we all find ourselves in. On a recent hygiene appointment at my favorite dental office (SofTouch Dental in Salem, of course!), Kathy, the very experienced RDH of about 25 years or so (maybe more) was […]