Audio Interview: Dr. Kelly Brown on the Implant Blueprint Seminar

A few weeks back, I posted an audio of an interview with one of my ClearPath Society Gold Members, Dr. Sean Tarpenning, where he revealed how his practice has changed after implementing Dr. Scott Westermeier’s Implant Blueprint System. You can access that recording here on my website in the previous post. Just today, I recorded […]

17-second Time Management Tip

Here’s how to get more done at the end of every day… Let’s say you have 15 minutes until “quittin’ time.” And, your to-do list didn’t shrink as much as you’d planned for. Here’s what I do: I pick one thing from my to-do list that didn’t get done which I think I can get […]

A common trait among wealthy dentists

I talk to a LOT of dentists all over the US, Canada and Australia. The vast majority of my clients are dentists — as has been the case for nearly 20 years. During that time, I’ve noted a number of traits those that do the best, share. One of those, and I believe a very […]

Focus on This to Get Extraordinary Results

Focus on the mundane and ordinary in business to create an extraordinary business. Let me explain with an example… In most businesses – for our purposes here, dental practices – getting a business owner to talk about something as unexciting and un-sexy as their voicemail recording or how their phones are answered, would be like, […]

Grind it out…

Having a tough day? Are you asking yourself, “Why me?” Does it seem as though every day opens up a new can of smelly worms, reminiscent of the last time you used an outdoor port-a-potty? I’ve got some tough, fatherly advice: GRIND IT OUT. It’s not glamorous, but we’ve all got our messes to deal […]

The Most Difficult Lesson In Business?

This is either the most difficult lesson in business or one of the best ones to learn… Maybe, just maybe, it’s both… I know I’ve learned some tough lessons over the last 15+ years in business. Some have been harder to take than others. Bottom line, I’m learning every day. Yesterday, I was reading an […]

Diagnose, waffle and walk. Is this YOU?

Do you know what keeps most dentists from being wildly successful? They never ASK their patients, “Do you want to fix that today?” Instead, they diagnose, waffle and walk. If you want to see an immediate JUMP in case completion (screw case acceptance — that, on the surface isn’t what you’re after — it’s case […]

On Achievement, Prosperity & Envy – by Dan S. Kennedy

The following article is provided by my friend and mentor (and guest blogger!), Dan S. Kennedy. Check it out… Jerry Oscar Wilde said: “It is better to have a permanent income than to be fascinating.” There’s nothing wrong with both, of course. Those who insist that money doesn’t buy happiness are usually short on money, […]

Delegation and Follow-up — Two skills to master

Two very important “skills” I learned early-on in business that were virtual “must-do’s” are exactly what keeps most folks from enjoying even the slightest modicum of success…let alone major success in business and in their personal lives. The first: Delegation. Delegation is your ability to quickly, decisively hand-off tasks to others for the benefit of […]

Why Dentists and Real Estate Brokers Are Going Broke

In real estate circles, listings (homes, land, etc.) are created by ‘listing’ brokers, sell, or the are cancelled or expired. That’s pretty much all that can happen to them. Recently, by complete and total accident, two real estate listings I am managing for a family member, expired. That is, they went from “ACTIVE” status on […]