The Results Are In…What’s Your Biggest Challenge?

A couple of weeks ago I asked y’all to help me out by answering a survey about your biggest challenges in business and the results are in: 1. Getting new patients was the number 1 challenge that dentists faced in their practice. 2. Operating as an effective CEO of your practice was the second challenge […]

Former Harvard Professor With Whom I Can Actually Agree

I’m not a big watcher of youtube or TV. In fact, I stay away from both. There are but few shows that capture my attention and they generally have lessons for living a sound personal and business life because I seek that kind of information. And, if I get entertainment from it, great. For the […]

How Any Dentist Can Go From Struggling to Success in 2017

What Differentiates Winning Dentists From Those Struggling? A great question, right? Depending on your state of mind right now, the answer may surprise you. Then again, you may not be surprised, and instead, just frustrated. The answer is simple. And, for many reading this, the frustrated dentist who knows a better future is ahead of […]

How To Finally Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions – A real-world approach

Most of us do it every year. We set resolutions and goals. Maybe yours are subconscious or conscious, but few are immune to the allure of an annual reset to improve ourselves. When we set a resolution or goal of some kind, we have every intention of hitting it, right? But, we most often fail […]

Your “Associations” Matter – One to Consider and One to Re-Consider

When you make a decision to join an association in dentistry, how much thought goes into that? When (if) you joined the ADA, was it an automatic? Was that decision influenced by others around you? Are you getting all you can from that relationship to include an ROI? Who you associate with on a professional […]

Dentistry’s Fastest-Growing Podcast?

Have you tuned in to Dentistry’s Fastest-Growing Podcast, THE Jerry Jones Radio Show? If not, you’re in for a real treat. (Yes, I am biased, but you’ll soon see why it’s growing!) For example, in today’s episode (Episode #9, airing at 11am Pacific/2pm Eastern), I reveal what it takes to grow your practice FAST, while […]

The Truth No One Likes To Hear, See or Think

You are where you are and you are who you are because of the decisions you’ve made. You can blame it on anyone or anything: Your parents, your grandparents, your brother, your sister, the clergy, your religion, the government, your profession, your spouse, your kids. In the end, no one cares about you like you. […]

Books = Your Keys To Freedom. Plus, what I’m reading

I’ve been an avid reader since I could pick up a book. As a kid, I read every Louis L’Amour western book I could find, borrow from the library or buy. I still love a good western (and found a L’Amour-like author in Sedona, AZ of all places, who bases his stories on local legend). […]

REVEALED: The ClearPath Society® Brain Trust

In today’s post, you’ll be able to eavesdrop on a free training done just a couple weeks ago, when I held an open call-in evening with a couple of ClearPath Society®’s most successful Members, Drs. Sean Tarpenning, John Busby and others who joined us throughout the training. We had dentists from all over the US […]

Why You Don’t Reach Your Goals

I’ll spare you the fluff and get right into it. You and I fail to achieve our goals because we accept excuses in place of results. We get so caught up in believing our own line of BS (excuses) that results elude us. Our focus goes from engaging in activities that move us closer to […]