Why You Don’t Reach Your Goals

I’ll spare you the fluff and get right into it. You and I fail to achieve our goals because we accept excuses in place of results. We get so caught up in believing our own line of BS (excuses) that results elude us. Our focus goes from engaging in activities that move us closer to […]

Dr. Vip Patel speaks about Jerry Jones & ClearPath Society for Dentists…

Curious about ClearPath Society? Here are some comments from one of our active Members, Dr. Vip Patel, Warwick, NY…

The Internet of ‘Things,’ You and Dentistry

Coming soon to a tooth near you: an internet-connected toothbrush linking your patients to their insurance company, leaving YOU out. As seen on Fortune.com: http://fortune.com/2015/06/26/connected-toothbrush-insurance/ If you think there’s interference now between you and your patients, wait until an idea like this gains traction and you might well get ZERO dollars for a visit! (“Gee […]

17-second Time Management Tip

Here’s how to get more done at the end of every day… Let’s say you have 15 minutes until “quittin’ time.” And, your to-do list didn’t shrink as much as you’d planned for. Here’s what I do: I pick one thing from my to-do list that didn’t get done which I think I can get […]

The State of Dentistry (Video Webinar & Audio)

This whole “The State of Dentistry” started for me back in August of 2013. I wrote and published a paper outlining the 7 startling trends I witnessed taking shape and playing out in Dentistry. Since that original published work, I released an UPDATE for 2015 in December 2014. So far, over 2,351 Dentists worldwide have […]

How to hire anyone

Recently, I was on a scheduled call with a ClearPath Member from the Dallas area. He’d recently had an opening come up in his office for a new associate and hopefully, if it’s the right person, a future partner. We went over some pretty valuable stuff – like what to do to find an associate, […]

Be Wary of the Bean Counters…

There’s always been a riff between the bean counters and the marketers in business. Marketing and sales bring in the money and the bean counters count it. Without money coming in (sales), there’re no beans to count. Without accurate information from the bean counters, there’s no information on whether the business is profitable or not, […]

Undone Treatment – How to use the Undone Treatment Letter (VIDEO)

She’s “unknowingly” repelling your new patients…

A long, long, long-time client of mine and I had an email exchange the other evening. I had just finished listening to a few of the calls one of his offices (he has multiple locations and multiple doctors working with and for him and he’s part of my ClearPath Society GOLD level) had taken and […]

The dirt on modern newspaper advertising for new patients

There’s no question the viability of newspapers continues to falter. It makes me sad, frankly. I mean, I love the black ink on the fingers with my morning coffee! (not really) A GIANT in the newspaper world, The Oregonian in Portland just announced yesterday that it would be cutting distribution to just 3 days per […]