The Results Are In…What’s Your Biggest Challenge?

A couple of weeks ago I asked y’all to help me out by answering a survey about your biggest challenges in business and the results are in: 1. Getting new patients was the number 1 challenge that dentists faced in their practice. 2. Operating as an effective CEO of your practice was the second challenge […]

Free Lunch If I’m Wrong About Dentistry Confidential

Business is tough. It can be a grind, man. Layer the clinical practice of dentistry on top…and you’ve got a double-whammy of a tough day. Thing is, me and the business side of dentistry are real close. Like you, I’ve got a dental “practice.” (I call it an “office”) Fortunately (very), I don’t have the […]

Former Harvard Professor With Whom I Can Actually Agree

I’m not a big watcher of youtube or TV. In fact, I stay away from both. There are but few shows that capture my attention and they generally have lessons for living a sound personal and business life because I seek that kind of information. And, if I get entertainment from it, great. For the […]

What’s missing from most practice management “programs”

Systems are great. New patients — like more than you can handle — wow, a blessing. Great team members — thank goodness for them (we got nothin’ w/o ’em!) But, none of these things mean a hill o’ beans without one word: PURPOSE I gotta ask you: what is your purpose? And, if you are […]

Are We Breeding A Nation Of Sissies?

WARNING: Not for sensitive readers I don’t watch a ton of TV, but the other night, when I heard a local Portland news channel announce an upcoming segment during a commercial, I literally choked on my drink. In fact, I had to rewind it to make sure I heard it right. The headline? “Treating Anxiety […]

Who You Associate With Determines Your Success

I learned this lesson early: Surround yourself with great people who’re smarter than you and have achieved what you’re hoping to. If you hang out with folks who’re barely getting by due to poor self-esteem, unhealthy personal habits, or stinkin’ thinkin’, then you’ll find yourself held back. Dentistry is challenging in this way. There are […]

New ACA Law I’d Bet You’re Breaking

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but better to be prepared and know you’re violating a law than to violate it and end up in court being prosecuted for unknowingly discriminating against speakers of 15 of the top foreign languages, right? did an article on this and I can’t improve upon […]

How he hits his $12,000 per day goal

What Successful Dentists Are Doing To Grow Their Practices Every Month Have you heard of the Business of Dentistry audio series, Dentistry Confidential®? For years, it’s been a resource for Dentists to learn and earn while driving their cars or walking the dog, all while listening to fun, educational and interesting audios. In fact, audios […]

Fastest order ever from this company…

If you want a great lesson in friendly and ultra-fast (as in LIGHTENING) service, check out my friends at For a few years now, I’ve been occasionally ordering things from them for Jerry Jones Direct, and every time I order, they stun me with their efficiency, friendliness and speed. The other thing I like […]

REVEALED: The ClearPath Society® Brain Trust

In today’s post, you’ll be able to eavesdrop on a free training done just a couple weeks ago, when I held an open call-in evening with a couple of ClearPath Society®’s most successful Members, Drs. Sean Tarpenning, John Busby and others who joined us throughout the training. We had dentists from all over the US […]