Let the cat outta the bag, baby!

Earlier today, I sent out this email to my e-letter subscribers. By far and away, one of the most amazing reactions I’ve had in a long time to an email. Feel free to leave a comment if it moves you: “My dentist rocks!? Yesterday, I told you today I’d share with you how to get […]

Bolingbrook, IL practice uses Star Power

Here’s just one way to use a local or national celebrity to help get publicity for your practice. You can read about how Grove Dental capitalized on an appearance by the 1985 Chicago Bears Superbowl Champion, Shaun Gayle, here. Star Power is HUGE in marketing and generating buzz and attention. Another easy example: Here locally […]

Google blows it with Google Offers

To be clear, this is not a potshot at Google. I like Google for most things. In fact, I like their gmail service, I love their search engine, and, a few of their other services I use in business. I wonder where the web would be without Google? (SIDE NOTE: It’s really not cause for […]

70+ year Old Marketing Secrets Revealed…

I’ve made no secret about it. I’m a Dan Kennedy fan. In fact, I’ve been featured in several of his books over the years, and, most recently, in a book he co-authored with my good friend Chip Kessler. The book’s title is, “Making Them Believe,” and it’s a rather interesting real-life tale of an early […]

Big Announcement just days away

I’m pretty excited…in just a few days, I have a HUGE announcement to make and I’m bursting at the seams, ready to let you in on it… It’s going to change the way you educate, retain, and, most importantly, get your patients to refer their friends and family (how cool would it be to have […]

Prospective Patient Questions

Not long ago, I heard an interview with Dr. Howard Farran. I like Howard. Most folks do. A few who get offended easily and think they know it all, don’t. Huey. Can’t make everyone happy. I invited Howard to Salem, Oregon back in December 2009 to speak at the local dental meeting sponsored by my […]

Are you REAL?

Earlier this week, I got a call from a fella in Boise. Good news is, he’s my newest ClearPath Society Member. Bad news was he wasn’t sure all the information I have been sending him was actually *REAL*. See my problem? If Eric thought I wasn’t real, then I’d gather MANY of the folks getting […]

Online Reputation

In doing some research on and for a new client I found some unfortunate feedback that showed up during a quick Google search. Have you searched yourself or your practice lately? You can do it here. I found two articles I think you should read, too. They appeared in the December 2009 issue of DentalTown […]

What we do here at Jerry Jones Direct…

With over 15 years in dental advertising and marketing, which includes growing my own dental offices to record collections and productions, (SofTouch™ Family Dental), my staff of 1 (Melody) and I work 1:1 with dentists to help attract new patients, reactivate inactive or “lost” patients and create office programs that foster and create loyalty to […]

It’s Now Available – 24 Common Mistakes Doctors Make

Read it now before you make the mistakes I’ve already made! You can order my latest book, here, from Amazon.com: http://amzn.to/jerry-jones Some mistakes in business offer an owner the chance for growth. Other, more critical mistakes can erase decades of careful planning and hard work. It’s these high-cost errors author and practice management expert, Jerry […]