Well, should he?

Times have changed. When this ad hit the mainstream, it was accompanied by hundreds of others, many with dentists touting the health benefits of cigarettes and cigars! Not only has that changed, but the audacity of someone to use sex to sell anything has…oh wait… That hasn’t changed, has it? I’m posting this ad here […]

Got ED? Could Your Dentist Help?

I recently sent this email out to my Members of the ClearPath Society here at Jerry Jones Direct. See if you might find value… No wait, I challenge you to not find value 🙂 Imagine this headline in the Health section of your local newspaper, “Got ED? Could Your Dentist Help?” More on that headline […]

[Call Log] What consistent marketing delivers

Many Members we bring on board ClearPath Society here at JJD, are just looking for a steady number of new patient calls. Whether it’s one per day or 50 per day. That routine number of new patients brings about the ability to plan, staff and predictably grow your practice to the size and shape you […]

Update: Dr. Lauren Roper New Practice Marketing

I don’t have a whole lot to say here…Just check out Lauren’s stats from the first few days! Oh, and she’s not yet opened her doors yet! 98 calls from this screenshot. I checked just before posting this and she’s up to 101. Did I mention she’s not opened her doors and we mailed under […]

Do your patients engage with you like THIS?

I don’t do it every day, but I do it a few times a week. No, you dirty bird, I am not referring to that. 🙂 What I am referring to is listening to calls that come in to our Members’ offices through our call tracking service (Which, btw, is amazing!). I listen to 2 […]

Video: What is the New Patient Extravaganza?

19+ Reasons Why High-Income Earners Travel To Attend LIVE Events vs Staying Home

19+ Reasons Why High-Income Earners Travel To Attend LIVE Events vs. Staying @ Home After All, Success Leaves Clues… 1.           Getting your head screwed on right – Mindset! Without the right mindset, you’re doomed to fail before you even start. And, unless you’re around others who are successful, you can only guess what the correct […]

JJD Patient Gettin’ & Keepin’ Webinar

I just held this webinar last night, 5pm pacific. You can catch it in its entirety here. And, if you have questions, reach out! Just call: 503-339-6000 Or, email us: info @  jerryjonesdirect.com

What’s missing from most practice management “programs”

Systems are great. New patients — like more than you can handle — wow, a blessing. Great team members — thank goodness for them (we got nothin’ w/o ’em!) But, none of these things mean a hill o’ beans without one word: PURPOSE I gotta ask you: what is your purpose? And, if you are […]

Attracting New Patients Doesn’t Have To Be … Tough

Too many dentists struggle to attract and retain patients. In my office, Wellness Springs Dental® of Salem, it’s the simplest thing in the world – we’ve the ability to attract new patients (we call them Guests, however) at-will. What does that mean exactly? It simply means that whenever, no matter the time of year (even […]