The State of Dental Internet Marketing

Just a day or two ago, I recorded an update to the State of Dental Internet Marketing with my #1 interwebs geek and Ninja Webs Master, Matt Prados with Matt’s an anomaly and TITAN in a field crowded with so-called Gurus who have yet to demonstrate real value when it comes to herding up […]

Status Update: Case Study, Dr. Alexis Mierzwa

It’s always exciting to get updates from Members and see how they are progressing in their practice. Today, I’ll share with you an exciting update from one of our start-up practice Members. Silver ClearPath Society® Member, Dr. Alexis Mierzwa, Winchester, Virginia, was introduced to Jerry Jones Direct by Ideal Practices Founder, Mr. Jayme Amos. We […]

Self-Funding Marketing and The Speed of Money

The following article is excerpted from the December 2015 issue of Jerry Jones Direct’s Practice Profit Insider™. I’m grumpy today. Why? It’s tough to fix stupid. Some people just do not think clearly or much at all. (But, they’re good at games on their cell phones, so that’s as good, right?) On a call today […]

Two Ohio Dentist New Patient Case Studies

The week before Labor Day Weekend, we had a couple of marketing campaigns drop for two dentists in Ohio. Both were referrals from a well-known consultant (you’d recognize his name instantly – He’s one heckuva Gem!) We dropped nearly identical campaigns for each, save for a few details changed. And, Doctor #1’s campaign was twice […]

Tired of website provider BS? Want more new pts from the internet?

If you’re not getting all the new patients from the interwebs you’ve been promised by the online geeks, then it’s time to hold ’em accountable. You have two choices: 1.) Call ’em up and put ’em on notice: “Buster, you’ve got 10 days to get my phone ringing. If I don’t see an increase in […]

Do Domain Names Still Matter?

By Guest Author, and JJD Certified Partner, Matt Prados of There are many reasons to pick your domain – the URL name which points to your practice’s website. And in fact you should probably own a few domains. You should of course own But sometimes is a terrible domain name for SEO […]

Public Relations Opportunity ALERT!

To Floss Or Not? #FLOSSING Folks, we’ve been given an incredible opportunity here to shine in our respective communities.  Flossing is actually TRENDING on social media! Here is but one of hundreds of articles already online: The Dept of Health & Human Services, the government, is NOT helping you or me out here.  Get […]

How to avoid Big Chain Dentistry comparisons

…We can’t blame consumers. Many are driven by price comparisons only. They often don’t consider VALUE or QUALITY until they’ve been burned. You and I have been in their shoes. We’re no different. You know what I mean if you’ve ever accepted a patient from a Big Chain office. They left because they discovered there […]

Profiles of Success in Dentistry: Secrets of Street-Smart Dentists

I’m excited to announce the release of my brand new book, Profiles of Success in Dentistry: Secrets of Street-Smart Dentists. It’s already available on In a few weeks, it’ll also be available as part of a 4-pack of JJD books @ From the back cover… However you choose to define “success” in dentistry […]

Are You Making These Mistakes With New Patient Offers?

Never Make This New Patient Offer….Use THIS Instead! Helene Sanders, the COO at Wellness Springs Dental of Salem (WSD), our dental office franchise “flagship,” is fond of saying, “Never say ‘never’ and ‘always,’” so perhaps I’m coming on a bit strong in this case. But, I’m using a little poetic license here to get my […]