Are You Making These Mistakes With New Patient Offers?

Never Make This New Patient Offer….Use THIS Instead! Helene Sanders, the COO at Wellness Springs Dental of Salem (WSD), our dental office franchise “flagship,” is fond of saying, “Never say ‘never’ and ‘always,’” so perhaps I’m coming on a bit strong in this case. But, I’m using a little poetic license here to get my […]

Need New Patients? Check out these 7 Advanced Strategies

If you need new patients but you’re not quite sure what approach to take, I have no doubt my brand-new program will blow up your new patients numbers — whether you need 5 or 50 more new patients than you have right now. I’m so confident in fact (I test these all myself in my […]

Our Patient Newsletter Feedback…from PATIENTS and CLIENTS!

I can’t imagine most cos. helping dentists and financial advisors get their real, US-Mail-sent, printed newsletters out to their patients and clients get such incredible feedback from the patients and clients receiving it. For us here at JJD, it’s not an unusual occurrence. Today, a few examples… Just wanted to send a thank you for […]

Without this, you’re just another dental office…

My business partner and I have a saying: Unless your dental office is like Cheers – where everybody knows your patients’ names, that yours is, “just another dental office” and no different than Big Chain Dentistry. It’s just another place to pay big money and experience pain – or at least that’s what the public […]

Eau Claire, WI Dentist Comments About Jerry Jones Direct

I’ve worked with Jerry Jones for, I’m guessing no less than the past 10 years, perhaps more. For me, I was a young guy coming out of dental school, partnered with a senior dentist with 0 patients, working after my first 6 months on commission. I was making significantly less money than the guy who […]


More basics…What is a Newsletter? According to, a Newsletter is, “A bulletin issued periodically to the members of a society, business, or organization.” I’d plus the definition by adding something the writer of this definition probably didn’t consider: A newsletter is a physically delivered media that not only provides information, but SHOULD deliver a […]

POSTCARDS: The basics

Let’s start with the basics: What is a postcard? According to, a “Postcard — n Also called (US): postal card is a card, often bearing a photograph, picture, etc, on one side, (picture postcard), for sending a message by post without an envelope.” I’d plus this laymen’s definition with the simple thought of, “A postcard […]

Should you use testimonials in your ads?

I’ve had a few questions recently centering around, “Jerry, should I include patient testimonials in my ads? Is it really necessary?” The short answer: A new pt advertisement without a testimonial is a tremendous lost opportunity. No question, when using proper testimonials in your ads, you’ll experience a bump in response. And, if every new […]

Audio Interview: Dr. Vip Patel on the Implant Blueprint Seminar

On this special blog post, I interview Dr. Vip Patel from Warwick, NY, a long-time ClearPath Society® Member and avid user of Dr. Scott Westermeier’s Implant Blueprint Seminar. It’s a live recording. On it, you’ll hear about Vip’s stunning results from the very first seminar he conducted – there’s a HUGE reason why he continues […]

Audio Interview: Dr. Kelly Brown on the Implant Blueprint Seminar

A few weeks back, I posted an audio of an interview with one of my ClearPath Society Gold Members, Dr. Sean Tarpenning, where he revealed how his practice has changed after implementing Dr. Scott Westermeier’s Implant Blueprint System. You can access that recording here on my website in the previous post. Just today, I recorded […]