Scarcity & Urgency: How To Use It to Increase The Speed Of Your ROI and The Percentage of ROI

This month, I want to talk about a super easy way to make your advertisements to drive new patients to your practice more effective than ever before. But first, I want to share a concept with you, and a quick story about the concept. Here’s the concept I want you to think about while reading […]

Be Wary of the Bean Counters…

There’s always been a riff between the bean counters and the marketers in business. Marketing and sales bring in the money and the bean counters count it. Without money coming in (sales), there’re no beans to count. Without accurate information from the bean counters, there’s no information on whether the business is profitable or not, […]

Website failing to generate new patients?

Most Internet marketing is totally and utterly worthless.  Like you, I’ve invested in time- and money-sucking new patient Internet schemes that didn’t amount to squat – not even a fraction of what the “guru” promised. Yet, Internet/online marketing seems to be all the rage these days, while the vast majority of docs continue to get […]

Easy Way to Bump Production in February

The following article appeared in my printed publication, the Direct Mail Profit Insider. This is an advanced publication concerning the smart deployment and use of Direct Mail to grow your business – whether you’re a Dentist, Financial Advisor, Chiropractor, Baker, CPA, whatever… Subscription information is available here. If you are in the enviable position of […]

Undone Treatment – How to use the Undone Treatment Letter (VIDEO)

A Dental Office That Runs Itself

(Don’t Sell The Goose!) Imagine if you had a dental practice that ran itself. Your total involvement was just 2 to 3 hours per week. And, during that 2 to 3 hours, you’re not cutting crowns or seeing patients. What’s more, when you go on vacation for 2 or 3 weeks at a time, you […]

She’s “unknowingly” repelling your new patients…

A long, long, long-time client of mine and I had an email exchange the other evening. I had just finished listening to a few of the calls one of his offices (he has multiple locations and multiple doctors working with and for him and he’s part of my ClearPath Society GOLD level) had taken and […]

The dirt on modern newspaper advertising for new patients

There’s no question the viability of newspapers continues to falter. It makes me sad, frankly. I mean, I love the black ink on the fingers with my morning coffee! (not really) A GIANT in the newspaper world, The Oregonian in Portland just announced yesterday that it would be cutting distribution to just 3 days per […]

Another use for your FSIs… (free standing inserts)

Some days I have a BFO (blinding flash of the obvious) that just about floors me. Today’s one of those. In fact, my ass still hurts from getting knocked over. Many of you reading this blog (and yes, I’ve been swamped recently, leaving little time for writing online blog posts) are ClearPath Society Members. Some […]

Groupon Pulls Features…

Just got word Groupon is pulling all medical and dental features…I’m only guessing, but probably due to accusations of fee-sharing arrangements. My limited understanding is the ADA is involved, etc. I am sure the fur will be flying. Stay tuned…Developing.